“Fannibals” Unite – Learning the Future of “Hannibal” at San Diego Comic Con


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

As a lifetime nerd, you’re probably going to be appalled at the fact that this year was my first “Con” experience. Last year, I made my way to San Diego for the sole purpose of going to Nerd HQ and seeing Zachary Levi.
This year, though, I was on a mission. Not only did I want to get my hands on Project Morpheus at Nerd HQ, I wanted to attend the “Hannibal” panel to get the inside scoop on the show I love so much. In attendance was Bryan Fuller (the creator of the show), Hugh Dancy (Will Graham), Martha de Laurentiis (producer), and Richard Armitage (Francis Dolarhyde).

If you haven’t heard already, “Hannibal” did not get picked up for a fourth season. Bryan Fuller is still grateful for the things that NBC let him “get away with” in his story telling and is still committed to continuing the story. Netflix passed on the opportunity to pick the show up because Amazon has the rights and Amazon was interested, but because Bryan doesn’t want to integrity of the show to falter, he passed on their offer. Amazon wanted him to start production right away and he wanted to have the entire fourth season written before moving forward. To me, that’s amazing. He could have taken the deal but no. He wants this show to continue being what it is. No shortcuts.

Side note: I also learned today (after seeing that “Hannibal” wasn’t on last night) that the show has been moved to Saturday nights, which is basically the TV “no man’s land” where shows go to die. I hope this isn’t the case, but instead it gets invigorated by a new audience.

At the “pannibal,” Fuller talked about what to expect from the upcoming season and even gave us a sneak peek at some previews for the second half of the season. The way the structure of the rest of the season is, it should finish the story enough for fans (or “Fannibals” as I’ve found they’re/we’re called) to feel good about the way it ends. The writers and Fuller were almost expecting this to be the show’s last season because of the poor viewership so they were prepared.

Hugh Dancy dished that there will be a time hop in the season. Will Graham has retreated from life (and found a wife) and Hannibal has found a new life. The details were sparse, but diving 3 years into the future can only mean one thing; great story lines, which is something this show excels at (besides just being such a beautiful production as well).

The rest of this season will see the character of Francis Dolarhyde, the Red Dragon, the character of which the book series is based. The writers have taken a lot from the books and a lot from the actor portraying him, Richard Armitage. Fuller made it clear that the parts of the books they won’t be pulling so much from is Dolarhyde’s sexual deviancy. He doesn’t want to tell rape stories unless he can do it the right, respectful way. What I found is that a lot of the people during the Q&A thanked him for this change.

It’s obvious that Fuller is close to his “fannibals.” One of the symbols for fans that follow the show has been a flower crown. Not only were a crazy amount of fans wearing them, but everyone on the panel got one, too. What started as a meme has turned into what Fuller says represents, “the passion and floral beauty of the fandom and our appreciation for their support.”

And I appreciate Bryan Fuller and his team for working so hard on creating a show that so many people love.

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