Create Tomorrowland Challenge Winners Announced

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Last month, Disney and XPRIZE gave children ages 8-17 the opportunity to share their vision of the future through the Create Tomorrowland Challenge. Participants were told to imagine themselves in the future and report back through videos, stories, or drawings about an innovation they encountered, how it worked, and the impact it had on the future.

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Tomorrowland: The World of Tomorrow or Plain Science Fiction? NASA Weighs In

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Tomorrowland, Disney’s latest film, discusses the idea that dreamers can make a better tomorrow. However, that tomorrow wouldn’t be possible without the help of science and technology. In the movie, Casey (Britt Robertson) and her father Eddie (Tim McGraw) have a special relationship based on a mutual love for science and how things work. He is a NASA engineer about to be laid off from his job because of the space exploration program ending; she’s a kid who doesn’t want that to happen. Most people would think that is art imitating life. Popular belief is that human space exploration has ended. But according to Joshua Buck, NASA Public Affairs Officer, that could not be more untrue.

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A Guide to Surviving Your First Anime Convention [Infographic]

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By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher) Convention season is upon us yet again! Will this summer find you at your first anime con? Is your friend dragging you along and you’re worried you won’t have fun because you don’t know the lingo? The latest infographic from NeoMam Studios and Viewster is here to help! Just follow this […]

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BatKid Begins Trailer: A Moving Show of Support for Gotham’s Littlest Superhero

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By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher) A couple of years ago, 5-year-old Miles Scott captured the hearts of San Francisco and the world through his Make-A-Wish. If his name doesn’t sound familiar, you may know him by his alter ego: BatKid. In November 2013, San Francisco was transformed into Gotham and Scott was able to use his […]

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The Flash: Fast Enough Review

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By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion) Well, The Flash you did it. You brought “all the feels.” The finale, “Fast Enough,” was a perfect collimation of the freshman season. It had heart, action, and wit. Warning: Spoilers ahead. On action or superhero shows the finale is usually one where the main conflict is external. For example take […]

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