Once Upon a Time: Breaking Glass Review

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What I’ve loved so far about this season of Once Upon a Time is how they have managed to balance dramatic mystery with sweet and heartfelt moments. Moreover, it has been wonderful to see Emma Swan be featured so much in the forefront. She is the main character, but there are pieces of her past that have not been revealed and different relationships ready to be further explored. Her journey and ever-evolving relationships have been a joy to witness over the past 3 seasons as she slowly let down her guard and opened her heart. So far, this season has mainly focused on her finally being open enough to fall in love, but this episode revolved around the importance of friendship and revealed a glimpse into her life as a lonely teenager.

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JK Rowling To Publish New Story About Dolores Umbridge on Halloween

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On the treat side – good news! JK Rowling is publishing a new story diving deeper into the backstory of a character from Harry Potter’s world! However – and here’s the trick – it’s about one of Harry’s nemeses, Dolores Umbridge.

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London Hotel Offers Harry Potter-Themed Rooms

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Whether you’re a wizard or a Muggle, the Georgian House, a 163-year-old hotel in London, is now offering Harry Potter-themed rooms that recreate the chambers of Hogwarts and satisfies the longing we all experienced when we never received our owls. The rooms even come with a four-poster bed, school trunks, potion bottles, spell books, and cauldrons.

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Marvel Studios Announces Phase Three Movie Line-Up

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The typically tight-lipped studio announced their Phase Three plan at an event at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater earlier today and boy, did they deliver. New to the Marvel film family roster includes Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Inhumans. They also revealed that Avengers 3 will be broken up into two movies: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War: Part 2.

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Indie Comics Spotlight: Memetic, Retropunk, Archeologists of Shadows

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A meme is an idea that starts with an individual, and then spreads throughout multiple persons and potentially entire societies. Richard Dawkins suggests a meme’s success comes from its effectiveness to the host. But history shows that destructive memes can spread just as rapidly through society. Memetic shows the progression of a weaponized meme that leads to the utter annihilation of the human race within 72 hours. The root of this apocalypse is a single image on the Internet, a “meme” in the popular sense. A meme that changes everything.

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