NASA Announces the Discovery of Potentially Habitable, Earth-Sized Planet

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NASA has revealed the discovery of an Earth-sized planet that could possibly have the potential to sustain life. It was found using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope and as such, the planet has been dubbed Kepler-186f.

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Arrow-Man Under the Hood

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After the phenomenal “Deathstroke,” nothing could really compare with that episode’s scale, drama, or shocking twists. Arrow wouldn’t be Arrow unless something was blowing up or an arrow was being shot, but “Man Under the Hood” focused more on the quieter moments of character development.

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Have You Always Wanted to Take Classes at Hogwarts? You’re in Luck!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive for quite a few years now, even if you’re way past the age of acceptance. But all of us Harry Potter fans are in luck: a group of superfans have created a series of online classes called Hogwarts is Here that is free to the general public (AKA Muggles).

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Anime Review-Kill La Kill

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There are times when a series is released and you watch it, and can’t quite decide whether you really like it or not. You know it’s good but you just can’t put your finger on why. And when you’re asked to describe it to someone, you’re somewhat at a loss for words other than to give a large general statement somewhat describing the series, but not really. Confused yet? Over six years ago director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima created the quirky mecha anime Gurren Lagann. Now they have re-teamed for Trigger’s first anime series. Please welcome Kill la Kill.

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Indie Comics Spotlight-Dead Letters #1, Flash Gordon #1, and Lumberjanes #1

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It’s a very good bet that if you wake up one morning with little to no recollection of the night before, it’ll have little to do with gangsters chasing after you. Or bandages on your wrist. Or a revolver on the nightstand. All of those characteristics make for a compelling story and it’s one that BOOM! Studios is telling in Dead Letters #1. The book is written by Christopher Sebela, illustrated by Chris Visions, colored by Ruth Redmond and lettered by Steve Wands.

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