The Walking Dead: Conquer Review

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Much of season five of The Walking Dead hinged on the notion that the walkers weren’t the real danger in the world; it was the survivors. There are multiple reasons as to why survivors could be dangers to others, but the fact is that those dangers can be mitigated if you’re prepared. The citizens of Alexandria are woefully unprepared and Deanna essentially handed over rule of the city to Rick by making him an executioner.

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12 Monkeys: Shonin Review

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Since the pilot episode, the audience has known that Cole travels back to 1987 and meets Leland Goines. “Shonin” is the episode we finally get to see that meeting between the two and most importantly what happened after.

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Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies Review

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Obviously he was dealing with PTSD and his wife and child were unable to cope with Lawton’s emotional carnage. However, that was another aspect that should’ve been highlighted more thoroughly and would’ve benefited from an episode dedicated to him and the Suicide Squad. Soldiers returning from war are rarely portrayed on screen with PTSD. Arrow went to a place others don’t to go. It was a brave storytelling choice that should be commended.

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The Flash: Rogue Time Review

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I think I finally figured out why their relationship is so weird to me. It reminds me so much of Dexter. (Warning: Spoilers for Dexter.) Dexter and Deb were foster siblings, much like Iris and Barry, and they ended up having a thing at one point in the series. It weirded me out.

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This Week in Obscure Sports – Paper Tube Dueling

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First and foremost – don’t break the tube! In a duel situation, the person that doesn’t break their tube is declared the winner. If both tubes break at the same time, it is called a draw and both duelists lose.
Body slamming and blocking with your arms or legs is frowned up. Only tube on tube action is allowed here folks. Thinking about lunging or stabbing with your tube? Think again! It is strictly forbidden and could disqualify you. Any hits to the face are prohibited. Classy duels only!

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