Extraterrestrial Review

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“You are not alone.” Anyone remember that Michael Jackson song? I don’t remember it much either. Nowadays, it could be changed to “We are not alone” considering all these pictures and videos from Mars and the confessions about aliens from a scientist on his deathbed who worked at Area 51. As many have said, with so many universes out there, it’s hard to imagine that we are the only intelligent beings in existence. And maybe that’s why films about aliens still exist. Another entry to the genre is the new film, Extraterrestrial.

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Once Upon a Time: Smash The Mirror Review

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This week’s epic two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time was filled with dramatic twists and turns that set up what is sure to be an emotionally satisfying conclusion to this story arc, further solidifying the themes of hope and love in the darkest of times. Although our main characters were all given their chance in the spotlight, this was the first week I felt the Arendelle flashbacks, though enjoyable, were given too much screen time. The important events can be summarized quickly: Despite Ingrid’s best efforts to drive a wedge between them, Elsa and Anna team up to trap Ingrid in the urn.

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WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

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There are some good things going on in WWE 2K15, but they are few and far between. Some of the wrestler models look really good (i.e. Titus O’Neil, Randy Orton, Goldust, and John Cena to name a few) but it makes no sense whatsoever that Shawn Michaels, who is featured in the 2K Showcase mode, looks terrible. CM Punk, who doesn’t work with WWE anymore, looks pretty good minus his face. Oh, and the hair… it looks just as bad on PS4 as it did on the PS3. The arenas just feel ugly too, they don’t necessarily look bad but the sets just don’t seem to have the grandeur of a WWE event and the pyro is awful.

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The Flash: The Flash is Born Review

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Well, The Streak moniker is now officially retired. Really, I didn’t hate the name as much as some others, but it’s surprising that it only took eight episodes for the scarlet speeder to get his official name. I liked that he was the one to actually name himself, even though Oliver Queen was the first one to semi suggest it. It’s a whole lot better than having Cisco be the one to come up with that name.

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A Fans Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 3, Aliens on Vacation Eating Spaghetti Westerns

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A recap of the third episode of TNM’s Podcast, “Picking Favorites”. This week, the guys are joined by Brenton Thwaites!

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