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By Veronica Sepulveda (@vRONIs) The week has come for the warm and fuzzies of love… Or mercs and maiming… or both… no judgments here. 😉 We start our nerdy news roundup with all the super trailers that aired during the Superbowl! Roll it! 10 Civil War: United We Stand! Divided We Fall! 9 The Jungle […]

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The Muppets Recap: A Tail of Two Piggies


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89 ABC’s The Muppets is now two for two so far when it comes to putting out quality content. Kristen Newman is proving to be its saving grace. (Well done, Kristen Newman and team!) Because “A Tail of Two Piggies” has so far been the best episode yet. The storyline isn’t like […]

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The Flash: Welcome to Earth-2 Review

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By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion) “Welcome to Earth-2” was the best episode of the season that brought life back to the series after a mediocre second season. Warning: Spoilers ahead. The Flash has seemingly fallen into the typical sophomore slump. So far it hasn’t been up to the lofty season one standards it set for itself. […]

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Agent Carter Recap: The Atomic Job

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In this week’s Agent Carter edition of, “well, that’s awkward”: a somewhat botched proposal goes well, but there are lingering feelings for somebody else; an unconventional team is formed, but ends up performing beautifully well; and the same people who are trying to steal the body the team is bodysnatching also end up targeting the same nuclear weapons the team’s trying to steal. Whew! We’re already halfway through the run of Season 2 of Agent Carter, and we’ve got X-Files-esque black oil in eyes, zero matter calling out like cursed pirate gold, and two ladies with the names of flowers being awesome. Let’s dive into Episode 5.

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The X-Files Recap: Home Again

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When the homeless get treated like garbage, a figure comes out of the night to avenge them by brutally ripping those who commit the offense to pieces and then retreats in a garbage truck. Mulder and Scully are on the case when a man relocating the homeless is left in pieces in his office.

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