Funko to Release Dancing Groot Figurine

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Thanks to the power of the Internet and demanding but passionate fans, Funko has revealed it will release a Dancing Groot Pop! figurine.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review

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Peace never lasts long in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Though it has been 17 years since a theatrical release in our world, the Z warriors have just started enjoying the calm after defeating Kid Buu and have yet to meet Uub (from the finale of the DBZ series). The nostalgic journey of Goku and gang provides lots of laughs, a little fighting, and some much improved animation; but was it worth the wait?

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Instant Gamer Reviews: Fez (PS4)

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It’s Gomez time!

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Super Win the Game Beta Preview

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Super Win the Game hits it out of the park with its presentation. The game itself has a great 8-bit look that immediately made me think of Zelda II – Green floppy hat? Check! Hub towns? Check! A great touch is that the game looks like it is being played on an old CRT television set. This adds to the nostalgia factor and immediately sets it apart from the pack. This is adjustable to fit your preferences or can be done away with all together, but I absolutely loved it.

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‘Villains Unleashed’ Event Coming to Walt Disney World

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Who are you favorite characters in Disney movies: the princesses or their enemies? If you chose the latter option, you’re in luck. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is holding a special one-night only, after-hours event called Villains Unleashed on August 23 where visitors will have the opportunity the get up close and personal with more than 50 baddies, participate in a dance party, watch a fireworks show, and more.

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