Assassin’s Creed Graphic Novels


by Caleb Paullus(@theurbanraptor)

Sometimes you need to remove yourself from all the blood and gore in video games and sit down and experience in a graphic novel.

This french comic trilogy from Ubisoft, starts the story of Desmond Miles’ abduction by Abstergo and their plans to rip the blood-steeped memories of Desmond’s ancestors from his genetic code. Add to the mix the mysterious and violently terrified Subject 16 and a desperate flight from Abstergo, and this makes for a fast-paced and thrilling addition to the game’s universe.

The second book continues with Demond having escaped from Abstergo with the help of Lucy. He joins the Assassins in their fight against the Templars. The Assassins leave Rome for Monterrigioni because of  Patient 13, being a jerkwad and betraying them. On the way, Desmond uses the Assassins’ animus to visit the memories of his ancester Aquilus, a Roman citizen fighting those who would become the Templars. Ass-kickery occurs.

Continuing on from Desmond’s previous animus shenanigans into his ancestral past, Aquilus desperately strives to avenge his father’s murder. His thirst for revenge leads him to Rome, and sets him on a quest for the mystical Ankh as the savage Barbarian tribes, led by the deadly Assassin Accipiter, prepare to descend upon Lugdunum. Desmond, meanwhile, must also fight stay alive in the present day.

This trilogy of hard-back graphic novels would make a fantastic gift to any gamer / fan of the Assassin’s Creed series. Quality pages, color and amazing detail, it really is a page turner. What is also nice is that is pretty affordable. Each book is 9.99 so you can have a nice little set for your comic collection for 30 bucks. Not bad right?

The novels are available now! (I recommend

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