Big Bang Theory – The Fish Guts Displacement


by Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

The newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Fish Guts Displacement,” presents us with two very different examples of complete awkwardness.  The first involves a sick Amy Farrah Fowler, and her caretaker: a one Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.  Amy has come down with the flu, and Sheldon decides that since he’s made a commitment in writing to take care of her, and because she is his girlfriend, that he’s going to do everything in his power to make her better as quickly as possible.  He takes her temperature, offers a tic-tac placebo, and mentions a handful of other options before he hits upon certain treatments which will prove to be quite magical.  He offers to apply vapo-rub to her chest…all over it, which “may” produce some tingling.

Sheldon continues his care for Amy over the next few days, but she just doesn’t seem to be improving.  We see some growth here in Sheldon.  He’s beginning to think about others above himself.  He’s acquiesced that he has some sort of commitment with Amy and that this commitment doesn’t only benefit him, though in a perfect world, it would.  So, he keeps up his ministrations, even going so far as to give Amy a bath.  This is the same Sheldon who doesn’t like touching people, can’t even hug them, and he’s giving his girlfriend a bath.  Of course, Amy is in absolute heaven, and doesn’t want the lovin’ to end, so she fakes a continued illness even after she’s well.  Sheldon discovers her ruse after taking a cheek swab while she’s asleep, and he has to impose some penalty, and the only one appropriate is a good spanking.  Yes, Amy was very obliging when it came to the spanking.

Spanking would be a relief to the other focus of the episode, and that is Howard’s inability to bond with Bernadette’s father.  At an uncomfortable dinner with Bernadette’s parents, Bernadette and her mother decide that it would be a good idea for Howard and Mr. Rostenkowski to bond over fishing.  The problem? Howard’s never been fishing, never done anything remotely like that unless you count the time that the guys went into the desert to watch a meteor shower, and we all know how that turned out.  So, he needs some pointers on how to go fishing, and of course, Raj and Leonard are less than helpful.  But not to worry, Penny can rescue him.

Penny shows, or rather attempts to show, Howard how to bait a hook with a worm and gut a fish, while Leonard and Raj try to hold down their lunch.  Howard is not an adept understudy at the art of angling, and so what do you do when you can’t actually do something?  Dress like you can.  In place of actual skill, Howard decides to purchase the ultimate fishing outfit, which only succeeds in making him look like a “cartoon character.”  Needless to say the misbegotten suggestion of joint fishing trip doesn’t work, but in the failure the intended effect is accomplished.  Howard and Mr. Rostenkowski do bond…kinda, but it’ll be a long time before there’s anything resembling a familial relationship.

All in all, this episode isn’t that great.  The only laughs for me were the parts with Amy’s reactions to Sheldon’s attention.  The storyline of Howard and his in-laws only produced the funny when he was being taught by Penny.  Otherwise, it just seemed off.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. mrjroc83December 7th, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    this episode was by far hands down my favorite one thus far. From the guys getting manly advice from Penny, to SheAmy (yes, I am shipping them off on the Love Boat), to Howard’s attempt to bond with his father-in-law was all priceless. I disagree with you on the aspect of Howard and the bonding moments, as the backstory of him not having a father as he grew up gave premise to his desire to have a father figure in his life. His father-in-law fits the bill, and to see them at the end have a moment together was a nice touch, even a slight tug at the heart.

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