Castle – Midseason Recap


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

With no new episode of Castle airing last night because of the Presidential debates, I decided to write up a, “Where Are We Now?” recap of what has already aired and what is to come. You can catch up on Castle by reading previous reviews of this current season.

The season premiere of Castle (“After the Storm”) closed up a lot of loose ends from season four, ending with the dramatic reveal of William Bracken. When this character was announced, I did expect him to be a powerful antagonist that attempted to throw obstacles in the way of Beckett and Castle, but we have yet to see this foe since his debut. I’m sure that we will see more of him towards the latter part of the season. Remember, Bracken and Beckett made a deal that they will both remain neutral against each other, almost like a threatening peace treaty.

One recurring element that we’ve seen throughout this season has been the newfound relationship between Castle and Beckett, and their attempt to keep it a secret from everybody else. In the last episode (“Murder, He Wrote”), the secret slipped as Detective Ryan finally made the connection between Beckett and Castle, but decided to keep it to himself and not tell Esposito, his partner. I still find it very hard to believe that a department full of detectives, who are trained to spot secrets and look for the unobvious, could not tell that Beckett and Castle were dating. Furthermore, it took a suspect in a crime investigation to break the news. Did anybody else find this to be a bit ridiculous?

I’m also beginning to think that the writers don’t appreciate the talents of Molly Quinn or Susan Sullivan, Alexis and Martha Castle, respectively. In five episodes this season, I believe they have both been on screen for a total of ten minutes. Last we saw Alexis was in “Secrets Safe with Me,” where she moved into her new college dorm with her grandmother (Martha) and father helping her move in. I understand putting the development of these two characters and their side-plots on hold for now, but their lack of screen time makes the viewer forget they are even central characters here. It wasn’t until this same episode that we were reminded of Alexis’ internship with the medical examiner, Lanie Parish.

With that being said, I am enjoying how Castle and Beckett are growing as a couple and becoming closer with each other. The witty humor between the two of them still remains, but this time the jokes they make seem to be more playful and “enticing” than hurtful or sarcastic. This relationship might not last too long, however, as the teaser for the next episode shows that Castle is the prime suspect for a murder investigation and possibly seen getting close with another woman. But this could simply be a ploy as the season three episode “Setup” featured Castle defending his friend in a murder investigation and being at odds with Beckett as well. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

With the next teaser episode showing a riff between Castle and Beckett, it makes predicting their future much more difficult. Whether they get through the next episode together or heartbroken, I do believe that their secret will be public knowledge by the end of the season. I don’t necessarily believe that Ryan will be the one to spill the beans, but somehow the entire department will figure it out. I still am very surprised that Bracken hasn’t made an appearance since the season premiere, and I don’t expect him to pop up again until the end of the season, perhaps even in time for the season finale, although I can’t even speculate what his role or purpose would be.

This season has been fantastic up to this point and the next episode looks like it will continue that trend.

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