Comic Book Men: Ghostbusting at the Stash


by Ashley Binion

For the uninitiated, Comic Book Men is a show set in Kevin Smith’s comic book shop (Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in New Jersey) and the shenanigans that ensue while working.

To join in on the Halloween spirit, the gang; manager Walt; employees Ming and Mike; and non-employee Bryan, went ghostbusting in the basement and took an adventure to find the New Jersey Devil. Does anyone really know what Bryan does? He isn’t an employee and just hangs out behind the counter.

The first potential seller came in with a Star Trek Technical Manual & Blueprints (1975). The book’s elements appeared in the first three Trek films and was number one on The New York Times trade paperback list. She came in asking for $50, but ended up selling them for $15.

The lady who brought in the book said that it was owned by her deceased father. She was convinced that slowly selling his collection would rid the house of his spirit. All in fun, Walt and Ming went down into the basement to find themselves a spirit. While down there, the woman found a spirit who lived in the basement and read the comic books. They decided to leave it alone.

The next customer who came in wanted to sell his loose figure ThunderCat collection. After some haggling, they compromised and the man agreed to sell two ThunderCat figurines, Mumm-Ra and Lion-O for $45. How hilarious was it when Ming was trying to teach Walt how to do the ThunderCats HOOO?

In the next scene, a man comes in wanting to buy the same to figurines that were just purchased by the store. Negotiation ensued, and the man bought the two Thundercats for $72.

If I remember correctly, this was the first time in an episode where they turned a profit so quickly after purchasing an item. It was nice to see how much they actually make after they acquire a piece.

The last part of the episode was devoted to finding the New Jersey Devil, which was actually just another prank on Ming. Rob Bruce, an occasional frequenter of The Stash and expert on pop culture, came in during their conversation about the Devil. Right as Ming walked away, Walt told Rob to meet them in the forest.

This was the most hilarious part of the episode. When the guys went out to go find the devil, Ming was holding an infer-red camera. Just as they were walking, body heat was detected, running across their path. As Ming grabbed a stick to defend himself, the same creature came up and grabbed him, causing Ming to scream and fall to the ground. It turned out to be Rob, dressed as the Devil. The best part was that Ming swears up and down he wasn’t scared, but we all know the truth.

For their first Halloween themed show, it was a wonderful episode that had me busting up laughing.

Review: 4 out of 5

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