Comic Book Men: Ming in Charge


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Walt called Ming to tell him that he and Mike were sick and that Ming had to run the store on his lonesome. Ming, being Ming, was overjoyed at the thought of running the store by himself.

The store was somewhat busy that day and Ming began to drown in all of the work. Brian was there, but never does anything so he was of no help to Ming. But Brian O’Halloran from Kevin Smith’s movie, Clerks, came into the shop to pick up some stuff for a show he was doing. So, Ming wanting help to run the store, he asked Brian for some help, which he obliged.

Of course, on the one day that Walt and Mike aren’t there, a guy comes in wanting to sell two key issues: Iron Man #1, in fine condition, and Daredevil #1, in good condition. Iron Man, created in 1963 by Stan Lee, was inspired by Howard Hughes.  Daredevil was also created by Stan Lee in 1964, but in the first six issues, he wore a yellow suit until switching to the iconic red suit. After some negotiating, they agreed on $275 for both books.

A guy came in with original loose figure Transformers Grimlock and Optimus Prime. Grimlock was the most powerful and almost invulnerable Dinobot, who can transform into a T-Rex. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots who can transform into a freightliner. He came in asking for $65 for Grimlock and $175 for Optimus Prime, but ending up selling both for $125.

As a surprise to Ming, Walt comes in and tells him it was a test to see how he would actually do running the shop without everyone else.  He showed his boss the purchases he made. Walt said he did well on the books but paid too much for the Transformers, because they were loose figures.

A guy came in with his line of Presidential Monsters. The monsters debuted in 2011 and are made in the classic action figure style of the 1970’s. They came to an agreement that The Stash would sell his exclusive figures.

I missed having all of the guys in the store this week, but it was fun seeing Ming run the shop and Brian O’Halloran work the cash register.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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