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Winter Break

Posted by AnnieKathleen, 08 January 2012 · 81 views

So, what do nerdy teenagers do other winter break? Well...they start a blog on TNM, but...that isn't all.

Over the break, I (Annie) went to Harry Potter world and Kennedy Space Center! It was amazing! I was lucky enough to actually go into the Vehicle Assembly Building and see the space shuttle Endeavour being prepped for display at a museum. It was awesome. Also, seeing the Saturn V rocket was so cool; it is absolutely huge.

As for Harry Potter world...it was beautiful. It felt like you had walked into the movie set; it was so well-done. Oh and the butterbeer....it was delicious. I ordered the frozen kind, but apparently the regular one was good too. Oh AND I got a wand. Maybe the best purchase I've ever made.

For both Steph and I, we both spent quite a bit of time watching our favourite tv shows. Steph enjoyed Chuck season 4, and I watched some old Grey's Anatomy. Of course, we both watched the new episodes Chuck versus the Santa Suit and Chuck versus the Baby.

Today we started talking about how silly we think it is that people our age do nothing except get drunk and go to parties...but that is for another time and another entry.

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