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The End Is Here, But the Legacy Will Live On

Posted by AnnieKathleen, 30 January 2012 · 132 views

Goodbye Chuck. How is it that we can be saying this? Well, it ended.

The episode was filled with suspense, and we were actually scared of Sarah at one point. It was impossible to watch her hurt Chuck. Oh goodness, and Jeffster! They were just amazing. No other way to describe it. And Chuck ending up with the intersect, that was good. He is a Bartowski, and even without the intersect he would have never lived a normal life. The intersect just makes him even more special.

Now for the ending.........it was beautifully sad. Chuck telling Sarah their story on the beach was amazing. We believe that it all comes down to believing in Chuck and Sarah. Believing that their love, even if Sarah doesn't get her memories back, will keep them together. Seeing those flashbacks on the beach really showed us how much they have changed, and that change is all because Orion created the intersect.

In some ways we wanted a typical happy ending, but this ending is much more memorable. It really tests our faith in Charah and has more of an impact on us because there are so many possibilities. Over the weekend, we have come to peace with this and believe this is the perfect ending. Slightly sad, but promising.

Time to listen to Rivers and Roads on repeat.

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