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Spring Break

Posted by AnnieKathleen, 25 March 2012 · 82 views

Well, hello fellow nerds. It's been a long time...haven't had much to write about, especially now that Chuck is over. It's like there is a void that we cannot fill, but it gets better everyday.

So, this break I went to Palm Springs/Disneyland and Steph went to San Fracncisco and Stanford (OMG Chuck).

Palm Springs was nice and warm, for the most part. However, the weather out at the outlet mall was crazy! Sleet and 5 degrees Celsius. Made some good purchases though so the cold wad worth it. Oh and Disneyland was great as usual! I went on California Screamin' multiple times; it's probably my favorite ride.

Steph thought San Fran was awesome! Her favorite things about the trip were the food and the shopping! Oh and Stanford of course. Stanford was beautiful; it looked like a Hawaiin resort with all the palm trees. I visited the spot where Brcye and Chuck first met, and I had a little moment there. It was so great to be surrounded by so many proud nerds at Stanford.

Now school is starting again on Monday and we are not excited for waking up at 7 am or staying up late doing homework. But then again, we are nerds so I guess we will be in our element. Once we get used to the routine we will be alright.

Now that we have our Stanford apparel, our hopes to go to school there or at any other Ivy League school are even greater! It will take lots of work though, but we will just channel our inner Chuck!

Nerds 20975 and 20976 signing off

PS this was written on the new iPad I purchased at the Apple Store on El Paseo.  Yes I have too many Apple Products, and no, I don't care.

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