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Come Back Chuck

Posted by AnnieKathleen, 08 April 2012 · 95 views

We miss Casey's grunts, more than we could have ever imagined. Wow, it has been 71 agonizing, and gloomy days. We just feel empty, like there is a void that is left unfulfilled in our lives. On a positive note, the series DVD box set comes out in 31days! Annie has already ordered it and she is beyond excited. It will be just the thing we need to lift our spirits when we have completely lost hope. Since it is arriving in May, it will be right spank in the middle of our finals exams study time, which will heavily decrease the amount of time we spend studying. Which is saying quite a bit seeing as we are extreme nerds.
It almost feels like we have been abandoned by the cast. They are just living their normal life, and us fans are still here mourning the death of the chuck era of our life. As much as we have come to terms with the finale, and the ending of chuck, we are in a way still in denial over the fact that......chuck is over.

Well anyways..... Signing off
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