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Random Sunday Observations

Posted by Angelle, 12 February 2012 · 162 views

-Work is going well. The first day I made my lunch and had no bags to put it in. Luckily my friend, Rico, had given me a Star Wars lunch box and it saved the day. It's still insanely quiet on my side of the office so I brought my iPod to fill in the silence with some Beastie Boys. I just got my hair done because as my friend put it, "A serious job needs some serious hair." Yes, yes it does. However, I caught a glimpse of my bangs in the bathroom mirror and told one of my co-workers that I must fill the "Hipster Quota" for the office. This same co-worker was also sent a tin of Mrs. Fields cookies from Staples as a gift for ordering from them so much. I must find a way to relieve her of these duties.

-A lot of my co-workers curse like sailors. Since I have spent a fair amount of time in restaurants and retail jobs where a stray f*** or sh** could cost you your job, I act like I have never heard a curse word in my life when they start yelling like a Quentin Tarantino movie. I'm pretty sure they think I'm a nun.  I'm pretty sure they also think I'm an orphan who grew up on the streets as many of them have remarked that I haven't decorated my cubicle yet. My sister gave me a picture of my nieces and now everyone thinks I have kids. Even though the frame clearly says "I love my Aunt".

-Everyone I know is getting in shape and going on diets, even my mom is going to a water aerobics class, while I'm just sitting around eating cinnamon rolls. So I have decided to start dancing again and get my "gorilla arms" back into ballet. We will see how this goes. Last time I tried it was a disaster of epic proportions not just considering that the class moved ridiculously fast, but also cause a girl whose boyfriend I had recently had an ill-advised dalliance with showed up.

Disclaimer: DON'T JUDGE ME. He was a friend. It just happened AND THEY WERE ON A BREAK. That's all I have to say about that.

-There have been 3 times in my life that I have cried over a celebrity death. I don't mean sobbed like I lost a family member, but shed a few tears for the unfairness of life. First was River Phoenix, because I was 14 and it was just such a waste of talent and hotness. Second was Michael Jackson, mostly for how sad and tragic his life had become, and lastly for Whitney Houston. Whitney was everything I wanted to be when I started singing at 8 years old. Any girl (or fabulous guy) who picked up a brush and sang into it started with Whitney Houston. The second album I ever bought was I'm Your Baby Tonight and I listened to it every night from start to finish. She will be mourned and missed greatly.

However, Whitney was not the only death to touch me this week. The Nerd Army lost one of its own  when our friend Dennis passed away from pancreatic cancer. I didn't know Dennis, but I do know cancer and it touches us all. I'm sure most of you have read his final note and were as speechless as I was.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve proudly, and no one, not anyone, can do anything to change that because it is who I am."

My heart goes out to Dennis' friends and family who will miss him dearly. I will do my best to keep his light shining.

I don't want to end on a dreary note, but just to say that life is short and its all about how you live it and the lives you change, just by being YOURSELF, along the way.