Dirigible Days: Episodes 1-4


by Ashley Binion

Dirigible Days is a sci-fi steampunk web series that follows the adventures of Captain Santiago Dunbar and his crew. It takes place in 997 after a passing asteroid’s debris killed millions. After, the Earth was reshaped and began using ancient technology. Oh, and the series opening is narrated by Anthony Daniels, C3PO from Star Wars.

The show is well done from the intriguing storyline to the costumes. The only real problem was the green screen and the somewhat stiff acting, but I was able to look past it. At first watch, it reminded me of a crossover of Firefly and Warehouse 13. I know, they are two completely different shows in tone and concept, but for me, Dirigible Days combines the western feel and ever-popular steampunk movement nicely.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


The first episode was largely focused on a Captain Dunbar finding an engineer for his airship, the S.S. Beatrix. But the end brought a nice cliffhanger and a hook for the where the series was headed.  Dunbar was propositioned by a lawman, Agent Cornell, to help transport a dangerous prisoner.

The second episode was more about the group’s dynamics and only featured the mysterious prisoner in the last minutes of the episode. In the last scene, Agent Cornell opened the glowing green box that accompanied the prisoner.

Episodes three and four were my favorites. Each began with a nice flashback scene, ended on cliffhangers, and there was a great deal of character development. The prisoner, who was revealed to be a cult leader, became a great villain.

I’m intrigued to see how the season finishes up with the fifth and final episode. I have to give major props. With a small budget through Kickstarter, they turned out a wonderful series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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