Doctor Who: A Fan’s Journey


by Marcus Luera

Let me start by saying how much I have fallen in love with this show. It’s on my iPod, on my phone, I have shirts, and I actually own a Sonic Screwdriver screwdriver. I have yet to see a bad episode of this show. The writing is some the best I have seen. I put it with Whedon, Johns, and Winick, to name a few of my favorite writers.

With that said lets rewind a little over a year ago, I had heard of Doctor Who, but had no interest in it what so ever. The show had been on too long, and to try and watch now how much would I understand, was a popular excuse. It also had, it seems very British and I am very American and there would be a disconnect. I won’t get it and feel like it is a waste of time. I don’t get the channel it’s on. Like my father used to say excuses are like a-holes everyone’s got one they all stink.

So what won me over you ask, well it was not my cousin badgering me for 2 years to watch it. This journey started at Comic Con 2011. On the drive from New Mexico to San Diego we listened to some music, but we found something called the nerdist podcast, and listened to him interview somebody named Zachary Levi promoting something call Nerd HQ.

When it came to nerdist one podcast led to another and a discovering how funny and talented Chris Hardwick is. Hardwick is a huge Doctor Who fan, makes mention of it as often as he can. Well it just happened he was moderating the Who panel that year and snagged both Matt and Karen for the podcast, but it was that Wil Wheaton on, they are always funny together. So about half way through Hardwick introduces Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and I of coarse have no clue who they are. They say their hellos and then I hear that voice. It is this cute and bubble Scottish accent.

So I hit imdb, because there was no way that cute of voice could come out of a pretty face, I mean that would not be fair, wrong. Saw her pic and after scrapping my jaw off the ground I made my decision, I have to at least give this show a look. Shallow yes, creepy, maybe, but it would still be a few more months before I watched. Also I did something unthinkable to Who fans, I jumped right to Karen and Matt’s first ep. From that point they could have called it Doctor Crack, because I was hooked.

Matt Smith is my doctor, as it says on the pin I got at the con. His performance is manic and full of energy. My favorite moment is in that first ep when he was tasting the food. So brilliant and absolutely funny. Karen did not appear in the ep till some time into it. In fact my favorite Amy Pond moment does not take place until The Wedding of River Song, but it was Rory that became my favorite character. Probably because more so than Amy he is us, this hapless fellow on this wild ride and just trying not fall off. My favorite Rory moment, always with the Rory, is when cuts off that lame pony tail in Amy’s Choice by the way.

Every time I hear Matt, Karen, and Arthur talk about the show and characters I feel I made the right decision to start with the 11th doctor. In fact I am still very bummed about missing the Who panel at Nerd HQ this year, maybe even more than Joss. Now I have gone back and I am watching the show from 2005. One regret I don’t have is giving up my seat in Hall H in 2011 because I was not a fan yet and that seat needed to go to a fan and that will never happen again. I came to Doctor Who in my own way, in my own time and on my own terms and found something I have passion for, a passion I have not felt for something in a good while. In fact I have liked a lot of shows, lost track of how much Subway I ate for Chuck, but Doctor Who hits so many emotional chords with me. So as the Ponds final five eps are upon us and possibly Matt’s I am looking forward to even more emotion stirred in me by the mad man with a box and his companions.

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  1. LisaAugust 23rd, 2012 at 9:35 am

    I like this post. I can relate to it, except for the part about Karen, but that part was funny.

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