The New Nerd HQ App will be available soon with updates about this years event

1.  What, when, and where is Nerd HQ? 

Nerd HQ is a FREE, four day event held the same weekend as the annual pop culture convention and offers exclusive gaming and tech activations, nightly events, and intimate celebrity panels benefiting Operation Smile. The event is scheduled to be held July 21-24, 2016 at The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego, California. 

Hours of Operation

Thursday July 21-9:00am until 2:00am

Friday July 22-9:00am until 6:00pm

Saturday July 23-9:00am until 2:00am

Sunday July 24-9:00am until 4:00pm (except for attendees of the last listed Conversation)


2.  Where do I get tickets for the “Conversations for a Cause” panels?

All tickets for the panels are sold through Brown Paper Tickets and each ticket is $22. The proceeds from the panels go to Operation Smile. Tickets will go on sale a few weeks before the event. (Exact date TBD, but we will announce the panels a few days before they go on sale)


3.  What types of activations are happening at this year’s Nerd HQ? 

Nerd HQ will be filled with some of the most amazing tech and gaming activations in San Diego during the convention. The event will feature PC, console, and mobile gaming activations that are only available at HQ. We will be streaming all of our “Conversations” panels and interviews over the four day event. HQ will feature two of the best fan parties of the weekend on Thursday and Saturday night. Admission is free so come early and stay late. We will continue to bring you the “Smiles for Smiles” and “Signings for Smiles” opportunities that raise money for Operation Smile.


4.  What does the Nerd HQ app do?

With the bracelet and official Nerd HQ app, available in mid-June, you’ll be able to:
Receive exclusive announcements about Nerd HQ happenings, including celebrity meet and greets and Smiles for Smiles Photo Opportunities
Get up to the minute details of the activations on site
Streamline your experience with simplified social media posts
Receive exclusive discounts
Get updates on the Conversations for a Cause panel series in real time
Interact with Nerd HQ partners
Be entered to win amazing prizes!


5.  What do I do after I register?

Bring your phone or tablet with the app downloaded to Nerd HQ. After you register through the app, you will get a number that we will connect to an RFID bracelet when you arrive. This bracelet will allow you to connect to activations throughout the venue.


6.  Do I need a new wristband for this year’s event? 

Yes. Every year you have to register for the event. 


7.  Should I keep my Nerd HQ bracelet on during the entire event? 

Yes. Keeping the bracelet enables us to make sure we get each user the information they have signed up for. And it insures you get your pictures from the HQ photo booths. 


8.  Do I need a ticket to enter Nerd HQ ? 

No tickets are required to enter the event. We do ask that you register to get your RFID bracelet that grants free admission and connects you to all the great activations going on inside.


9.  Will the app post to my social media accounts without telling me?

No. Each time you scan your badge you will know what that scan activates by signs attached to the scanning towers.


10. How will I know about new panels, photos with celebrities and special offers from Nerd Machine and their partners?

The app is enabled with Push notifications to keep you up to date on added “Conversations” and “Smiles and Signings for Smiles” that are added during the event. It will also send Alerts to let you know about special offers that will save you money and give you access to exclusive offers faster than those without the app. 


11. I am having trouble with the app, what do I do?

If you are having problems with the app, please email to ask your question. Our friendly nerd staff will help to solve your nerd crisis. 


12. Can I use my wristband from last year to get into the event?

No, we will be issuing new wristbands for this year’s event.