Fringe: Five Episodes to Watch before the Season Premiere


by Ashley Binion

Considering the new season of Fringe is right around the corner, there isn’t a lot of time to watch the whole season again. So, here are my five key episodes to re-watch before the new season begins:

1. “Letters of Transit”

To me, this is the most important episode to re-watch before the premiere. It’s essentially the framework for the fifth season. The episode jumps ahead to 2036 where Earth is ruled by Observers. It has been said by writers and cast that Fringe will be set exclusively in this troubled world. Oh, and FOX will be rebroadcasting it Saturday, September 22.

2. “The End of All Things”

One of the biggest mysteries of the entire series has been the Observers. Who are they? Why are they ageless? Why do they time travel? This episode explains what and who the Observers are as Peter delved into the most famous Observer, September’s, mind.  Since the Observers are now ruling Earth, they will play their most prominent role in Fringe, yet.

3. “Brave New World” (Part 1 and 2)

This was the two-part season four finale, which featured the return of Leonard Nimoy as Dr. William Bell. These weren’t Fringe’s finest hours, but they are solid episodes with some thrills. It’s a good refresher to see where the season left off and to get hyped for Friday.

4. “Worlds Apart”

At the end of the episode, the two universes were forced to cut ties and close the bridge between worlds. In my opinion, this was some of John Nobel’s best work as Walter and Walternate, his other universes’ doppelganger. After the universes and their characters being at odds for the entirety of season three, it was fun to see them work together to solve crimes. So, when the decision was made to close the bridge it felt strange to say goodbye to the alternate characters (and Lincoln) that we have come to know and love.

5.  “Novation”

After the season three finale’s cliffhanger, it was revealed that Peter never existed and that he was erased from the timeline. In this episode, Peter finally returns from being erased, but it won’t be home sweet home as he sees there are major differences in this new timeline.

*Bonus!*  6. “Wallflower”

No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t leave it off the list. To me, it was the most tragic and beautifully written episode of the season. To be honest, I don’t remember it for the awesome mythology, the funny Walter moments, or the Olivia and Peter relationship, but instead for a heartbreaking love story about an invisible man named U-Gene.

This week, FOX unveiled its poster, which has a cool, gritty resistance vibe. Along with this theme, Fox has started a viral campaign by periodically releasing Observer PSAs. Within these videos, there are secret messages that can be seen, such as “End the oppression,” that show up around the 0:03-04 mark.

Also, do these videos seem reminiscent of the Dharma orientation videos from LOST to anyone else besides me?

Tune into Fringe’s fifth and final season premiere Friday, September 28 at 9/8c on Fox!

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  1. MeganSeptember 25th, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Counting down the days! Cannot wait. I planned ahead and since after San Diego Comic Con I caught up on the entire series. Trying to talk my husband into watching Letters of Transit and then the premiere with me…lets see how that goes:)

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