Fringe: The Human Kind


by Ashley Binion

Welcome back, Fringe fans! It has been a long three weeks, and the wait is finally over. This week, Olivia was back in the spotlight.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The episode began with Olivia meeting with Anil for supplies and to discuss the situation of Peter turning into an Observer. While waiting, she saw Loyalists taking down Resistance posters with Etta’s face and the word “resist.” Her death doesn’t mean she or her sacrifice will be erased.

Throughout the episode, Peter continued to try and put Windmark on his “path” so he would be able to kill him. He came into some difficulties when Windmark began to course-correct Peter’s timeline, which lead to an epic fight scene.

When Peter came back to the lab to get stitched up, Walter tried his hardest to get through to him. It was another fantastic scene between the two. Peter trying to reason with Walter’s scientific mind and the dad trying to show that he needed his son.

Meanwhile, Olivia went to find a magnet per tape number eight’s plan. While there, she encountered a psychic. They had held the magnet for Walter for twenty-one years. Even though they had many opportunities to sell it, she had faith that someone would come and claim it.

Olivia’s conversation with the psychic felt very much like a scene straight out of Lost between Jack and Locke; one, a man of science and the other, a man of faith. Olivia has seen so much and believes it is all about numbers, much like Jack. The woman believes in faith, just like Locke. It was a fun dynamic.

She left with the magnet and was kidnapped. The men were going to turn her in to the Observers for a reward. However, Olivia kicked some butt and managed to escape by using Etta’s bullet necklace. This seemed to trigger something in Olivia and she went on a mission that led to an amazing final scene between her and Peter.

There were many small nuances throughout that last scene, but I’ll hit the highlights. There was a moment when Peter, on his own, showed he had some emotion left by telling Olivia about Etta’s last thoughts.

Olivia pulled the emotion out of him by saying that as long as they and others remember their daughter, she will never die. She is always with them and that is why she is alive and escaped the kidnappers. She told him she loved him. That is what makes them different from the Observers and more powerful–emotion and love. With that, flashes of their relationship and his relationship with Walter appeared, much like the finale of Lost when the different survivors remembered their island lives.

At that time, Peter had a choice. Windmark was on his path and he could have easily chosen to take him out the next day because he had changed his future. But his love for Olivia and Etta meant more. The human side of him won, and he chose love.

While watching the episode, I was hoping and praying it wouldn’t turn out like many others had this season, a slow progression that led to nothing. But halfway through, something clicked and the show came alive. The last scene between Peter and Olivia was outstanding. Too bad Fringe never gets recognized for Emmys because that was some Emmy caliber-stuff.

The glyph code for this episode was “plead.”

What did you think of the episode? Do you think they wrapped up Peter’s Observer storyline too quickly? Were you happy Olivia was back in on the action?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. ChrisDecember 10th, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Definitly was a let down how the episode ended, hope Olivia’s speech a little corny and cliche, but I’m kinda happy they just wrapped up that story line so they can move on.

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