Google Fiber: Google’s Revolutionary Internet Service


by Gabriel Estrada (@MediiaGeek)

Google has never let me down and continues to make life a lot easier. Google recently announced Google Fiber, its ridiculously fast internet broadband service and interactive television provider. Google stated that it will offer internet speeds up to one hundred times faster than the average broadband which is currently between twelve to sixteen megabytes per second. Google promised that those who decide to use the Google Fiber service will be able have download and upload speeds of one gigabyte per second. With this kind of speed you could do just about anything your heart desires, like stream movies in HD, play PC or console games without any lag problems, and download movies or full music albums all in just a matter of seconds.

Currently Google is only offering three packages with its Fiber service.

The first package or the full Google experience as it’s called includes both the Gigabyte and Fiber TV service. This package will run you $120 a month. With this package you will get the one gigabyte download and upload speed as mention previously WITHOUT A DATA CAP and you also get a terabyte of cloud storage with Google Drive. With the television service you will get a TV box and be able to watch all regular broadcast TV channels, hundreds of Google Fiber TV channels, premium movie channels and a myriad of shows on demand. To top it all of you get a free Nexus 7 tablet which serves as your remote control for the TV box.

The second package is only for those customers who just want the internet broadband service. It will run you up $70 a month which will cloud the one gigabyte of upload and download speed and will also come with the one terabyte of cloud data storage.

The third package is free internet, yes you read correctly free internet. All you have to do is pay the $300 fiber set up fee. With this package you are guaranteed to get five megabytes per second download speeds and one megabyte upload speed for seven years. Google is only going to be offering this package for a limited. You are even given the option to pay $25 a month for the first year till you reach the $300 set up fee.

Google is first starting with a trial market run in Kansas City and residents on both sides of Kansas-Missouri border have 45 days to pre-register on the Google Fiber website. The neighborhoods with the highest demand on both sides of the border will be able to acquire the Fiber service. What about the rest of us? Sadly we have to wait a while longer. Without a doubt Google will expand its fiber network to high-demand urban areas first. The packages listed above are residential packages; there hasn’t been an announcement about a business package yet. Google is surely on its way on revolutionizing internet and television services and will give other providers a run for their money.

I honestly can’t wait for Google Fiber to hit my neck of the woods. What about you guys? Will you drop your current internet or television provider if Google Fiber comes to your neighborhood?

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  1. ScottAugust 2nd, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    My area was 2nd in the voting to get the trial run of this service (Blacksburg, VA) because Eric Schmidt grew up around here. I think his parents are/were professors at Virginia Tech. I would definitely get the service for $120 a month because that’s a little less than what I pay for Internet and TV now, plus you’d get a tablet and much faster service. It would be incredible.

  2. KarissaAugust 3rd, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    WHAT. I am definitely getting this. As soon as it’s available.

  3. JeremyAugust 7th, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    I’m pretty sure google fiber offers speeds of 1 gigaBIT per second, not one gigaBYTE per second. But hey, whats a factor of 8 among friends?

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