Hannibal – …And the Woman Clothed with the Sun


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last week we saw two old friends reunited; Will visited Hannibal Lecter for advice on a case that Jack Crawford tricked him into taking. This week, we see how it all plays out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The visit between Will and Hannibal is nothing less than awkward. Hannibal warned Will against following Jack into this mess but Will was inclined to help. Will refers to Hannibal only as Dr. Lecter now. They are no longer on a first name basis. Will doesn’t feel comfortable with him anymore and he wants to distance himself. Will is there to talk about the family murders in Chicago and Buffalo. He needs some insight as to why the killer is choosing these families.

The talk of family takes Hannibal back to a memory with Abigail. This is where we finally find out how he “killed” her (but we know he didn’t do it then). Hannibal drains blood from her body and discusses taking some of her flesh so he can stage her death. Oddly, she seems happy about it and even wants to help fling her blood around the room. It’s clear that Hannibal really cares for her but why would they do this?

While Hannibal is reading over the file Will gave him, Will goes to see Alana. She asks Will how it felt to see him again and Will was less than thrilled with the feeling. He said it felt like he walked out with Hannibal, that he had to check to make sure he wasn’t being followed. Will asks Alana about her relationship with Margo and things apparently are very good; they have a son now that Alana carried (a Verger baby) and Alana is in full control of Hannibal. There are five doors between Hannibal and freedom and she has all of the keys.

When Will returns to Hannibal, Hannibal explains that the man killing the families is very shy and must believe he’s disfigured. He smashes the mirrors in the house and places the shards on the victims’ faces so he can see himself in their eyes. Hannibal claims that he chooses the families based on how they lived. They all have big, fenced yards and they are happy.

Alana is not comfortable with what Hannibal is doing. She thinks that Hannibal is planning something with Will. Hannibal tells her that he actually advised against Will becoming involved. But it’s not Will’s fault. Jack manipulated him.

Back in his memory palace, Hannibal again visits Abigail. He is teaching her to identify things using smell. He asks about her father and if she thinks he loved her. He assures her that every family loves differently and the reason he hurt her was out of love. She admits that he was as good to her as he knew how to be and some of her favorite memories are hunting with her father. Hannibal wants her to never be ashamed of whom she is. It seems that she is a lot like Hannibal.

Now we get our first look at the dragon in Francis Dolarhyde. We see a young Francis sitting at the dinner table with his family. They don’t seem happy, as they say nothing to each other. It cuts to Francis watching his projector with grotesque images flipping in front of his face. Will, too, is watching movies: home movies of the victims. He’s getting to know the families. Meanwhile, Francis is now in his lair writhing in pain. It looks almost like the dragon on his back is coming alive. And it might be. We’re shown his tail – long, red, and scaly – now hovering above the floor.

Will continues with his investigation. The forensics team found a box with a dead cat in it. It hasn’t been dead long but it died before the families were killed. The family that lived in Buffalo also had a pet that was wounded before they died. Their dog survived. Later, Will walks through the backyard of one of the families. He finds a log that makes a good seat and has a great view of the house and a symbol carved into the tree next to him. The killer was watching them. Out of nowhere, Freddie Lounds shows up. She knows that Will has visited Hannibal. She’s going to spread the word. It takes one to catch one. Does she mean Hannibal or Will?

Now we’re in a dark room. I think it’s for film developing. There is a lady in there mixing chemicals. Francis shows up and needs to ask a favor. He needs infrared movie film. He claims he wants to take pictures of animals at night. The lady, who is blind, says it’s very sensitive film but she will develop it for him. He declines and leaves. Later, though, he sees her sitting at the bus stop and offers to drive her home. When they get to her house, she offers him a drink and a piece of pie. She mentions that she was a speech therapist. She hopes she didn’t offend Francis because of his speech impediment. She understands what he says very clearly because of her past but also because she is very interested in what he has to say.

Back in Will’s hotel room, he’s on the phone with his wife Molly. She tells him she’s adopted another dog and it turns out, Will has too. He took in the dog of the Buffalo family that was killed.

At Alana’s asylum, Jack shows up to see Hannibal. Hannibal shares his anger with Jack for pretty much forcing Will to do this. Jack says that Will has never been more effective than with Hannibal in his mind.

The last scene of the episode is Hannibal receiving a phone call from his “lawyer.” It’s actually Dolarhyde. He knows Hannibal has interest in him. He asks Hannibal what he is becoming and when Hannibal doesn’t know, Francis says “The Great Red Dragon.”

Rating: 4/5

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