Heroes Reborn: Chapter Eleven


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Eleven: Send in the Clones


Well, we made it through the hiatus, Heroes fans!  So you know what that means…



We’re down to the last three episodes of the miniseries, which means a whole bunch of apocalyptic crap is about to go down. But before you start packing your bags for Erica’s all-inclusive Gateway resort of the future, let’s see if any of our evo buddies can get themselves together enough to save the world, shall we?


Luke and Malina are first up, hitting up a Walmart for some ammunition for Luke (Malina declines, we’ll get back to that) so that a little black rain cloud doesn’t leave him completely powerless.  But they’re also questioning HRG’s whereabouts, since they didn’t find a Noah-shaped pancake on the road after the storm.  Their guess is that Erica has him, but we know better, don’t we?  Maybe?


Meanwhile, on the world’s biggest bummer of a road trip with a couple of Harrisi,  Quentin is increasingly having doubts about offing Malina, while Phoebe is WAY too gung-ho about it. Calm down, Hot Topic. Go wash your hair.


Back at Gateway and in the future, Miko and Tommy finally bond.  Miko tells Tommy she’s there to save the Master of Time & Space, and he recognizes her from the “9th Wonder” comic. Problem is, our Katana Girl is starting to fizzle out of reality. She decides to go off and fight Harris because defeating him will fulfill her final mission.  Or something.


At the same time, and pissed about Miko’s interference, Erica threatens to smoosh Hachiro Otomo’s face RIGHT OFF (seriously, rewatch that scene.  SINISTER FACE SMOOSHING). OH, and also kill his real daughter. And then him.  And he better have the Eternal Fortress back up and running, too.  He seems unfazed, to be honest.


Over at Sunstone Manor, Carlos, Farah, René, and Taylor look for Micah, José, and Father Mauricio.  Along the way, Carlos finds his Iron Man suit, and we’re treated to Absapalooza 2016. Woo!




Elsewhere in the manor, René finds Matt Parkman, and they have a mind-off.  Matt explains why he’s a baddie now- apparently it’s because he wants a pity party over hearing everyone’s negative thoughts all the time and losing his family. Whomp whomp, let’s find him a tiny violin. But then he shoots René’s ear off (or shoots next to his ear?) and is able to control him and make him walk away like George Michael after getting dumped.  Parkman decides to use Taylor and her super-secret pregnancy to ensure that Erica takes him to the future.  And he means it, too-  he even makes some Harrisi shoot themselves.


Meanwhile, Harris and Quentin and Phoebe catch up to Luke and Malina in a cornfield.  And yeah, remember when Malina was all about not getting a gun at that Walmart because she has “24 hour power”? Wrong-o, Blondie, because with Phoebe around, she’s unable to do a bleepin’ thing.




So Phoebe is about to kill Malina with her snake-y darkness tendrils, but in like literally .3 seconds, Luke knocks her out, fries Harris, and convinces Quentin to surrender, too. This is all impressive and awesome, and only slightly dampened by the fact that they bring the nose-power-snuffers out again to keep Phoebe from using her powers.  Gross.  Luke and Malina are able to find out that Tommy is in the future with Erica from Quentin, who totally remembers what it feels like to get shot and doesn’t want to deal with that business again.  Oh, and Luke TOTALLY comes about thisclose to killing Phoebe for her part in the death of his son, but Malina is able to talk to him out of it.  


Back at Renautas in Odessa in present time, Erica takes Tommy to see him mom and Emily, who were the ONLY ONES evacuated from some huge fire Carbondale (because that’s not suspicious at all, Tommy).  Tommy’s mom wants some answers, but ain’t nobody, particularly Erica, have time for that, so instead she instead shows  Tommy how he’s going to save the world: with some funky looking watches!  So basically Tommy is like the bouncer at a club- you get a bracelet, you get into the future.  Except it’s a watch.


Miko arrives at Sunstone Manor, just in time for the REAL, ORIGINAL Harris to decide to fight her on his own, which is an ENORMOUSLY stupid decision, because he loses (but honestly, their fight is probably the best part of this episode) and then all of his clones die.  This is enormously helpful to pretty much EVERYONE because there were a heck of a lot of Harrises, but the victory causes Miko to zap out of existence. Again.




Inside the manor, Carlos, Farah, and José are able to rescue Micah from his isolation aquarium, but not before Father Mauricio gets shot by probably the last remaining Renautas employee at the place and dies.  Noooo, Father Smoke Monster!  But the rescue of Micah proves to be super important: he knows ALL about the solar flares.  That’s right, there’s going to be two of them!  The first is super sucky and will do a ton of damage, but it’s the SECOND one that’s going to wipe out humanity.  While the countdown to that mess starts ticking away, Micah uses his power to broadcast himself to the entire world and prove Mohinder’s innocence and Erica’s guilt, thanks to a deleted scene from Mohinder’s supposed “I totally engineered June 13th” video.  Erica is PISSED, obviously.  So she brings out the big guns to take out Malina and Luke: everyone’s favorite psycho wife, Joanne! Dun dun DUUUUNNNNN!


So everyone in the show heads to Odessa for the final showdown, including the first big solar flare.  It’s go time, people.

Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • Either Luke is still holding tight to the fact that Malina saved his life and forgave her rather quickly OR he feels so guilty about everything that he thinks he deserved it, but I was slightly disappointed that he wasn’t all like, “Well, LOOK WHO NEEDS SOME SAVING when she couldn’t even defend me to her grandfather back at the gas station.”  Because that was messed up, Malina.
  • It’s a little harsh, but I gotta say it: while “Heroes Reborn” and “Jessica Jones” are COMPLETELY different series, it’s a little hard to take Matt Parkman seriously as a mind-control baddie with David Tennant’s Kilgrave still fresh in my mind.  But then, Greg Grunberg got to be in The Force Awakens, so he wins.
  • Okay, with the amount of CRAZY in Joanne’s head, I suppose I can chalk it up to just that, but seriously- all Erica has to say is that it’s a lie that she had a hand in June 13th and Joanne just BELIEVES her?  C’mon, girl.  You’re crazy, but you’re smarter than that.
  • I’m a terrible person and totally wanted Luke to shoot Phoebe.  Just for the sheer amount of CRYING she caused.  All kidding aside, I’m LOVING seeing the return of Bad-Ass Luke.  *Praise Hands Emoji*  I could’ve stood up and cheered at that barn scene.
  • So… couldn’t Tommy just flip a few pages to the end of the 9th Wonders comic book to see what’s going to happen and if Erica’s plan is even going to work?  Or how he’s going to defeat her? No?
  • Will TV/movie villains EVER learn to permanently delete any footage that could possibly tie them to the crime they’re trying to commit?  C’mon, Erica, that’s amateur hour.
  • If Micah has technology power, couldn’t he just tap into Renautas’s entire system and shut everything down?
  • AWWW, MIKO LOVES REN.  Hey, where is that guy, anyway?
  • To be honest, this episode was a little “meh” for me up until the last quarter of the show, then picked up considerably.  Here’s hoping that the momentum stays up for these last two episodes, and they blow our minds with all the awesomeness they contain.


Two more left, folks! Are you ready to see the pandemonium that the solar flares bring?  Also, where IS HRG?  Will we see Miko again?  Will Erica be able to get ANYTHING done without her army of Harrises?  And who’s going to save her butt when Joanne finds out the truth about June 13th?  Give us your thoughts and guesses for the final episodes in the comments below.  See you next week!


  1. PrinJanuary 11th, 2016 at 10:06 am

    1. I can’t blame Malina for not defending Luke (and clearly, neither does he), because while she probably would’ve saved Luke from drowning anyway had she known who he was and the things he’d done, would she have climbed into a car with him for a road trip? Probably not. If Luke had come clean to her, maybe she would’ve defended him?
    2. Whenever we’ve seen Parkman using his powers in this manner (not usually for The Big Bad, but still), he’s always shown a mix of not enjoying it because he knows it’s wrong but actually kind of secretly getting a kick out of it and then loathing himself for getting that secret kick… which I think had way more to do with his family bugging out on him than “OMG people suck”. Personally, given everything they went through during the original show I’d have thought Molly dying would have made him flip the eff out on Erica, but apparently he’s just changed that much.
    3. I’d like to think there’s some sort of complex psychological reason Brad basically dropped off the face of the planet (maybe the only reason he was dating Emily was that it kept him out of the house he no longer fears being in), but if Carbondale itself burned up (which, WHAT?) he may have perished.
    4. It feels like – setting the outside-of-show Cadillac stuff aside – that there should be more to Joanne’s time off the canvas than “Harris picks her up in SUV, skip a bit, she gets to meet Erica”. Does Joanne really believe Erica, or is she simply letting her think that so she can get out of there? “I didn’t have any hand in the events of June 13 but boy howdy am I invested in manipulating the media to continuously demonize Evos *afterward*.” That’s so transparent birds could smack into it.
    5. I’m kind of wondering if the ultimate upshot of the whole Quentin-as-occasionally-reluctant-turncoat is going to be *him* having to shoot Phoebe to stop her.
    6. The issue ends too soon. Not joking, I’m sure the thought’s occurred to him, it’s not like he’d only just found that page with Miko on it.
    7. Since Erica (and most villains) seems to have a raging huge ego, keeping that stuff around doesn’t seem problematic to them because they always assume they’ll never get found out or if they do that people can’t get to the evidence. I have less of a problem with this than I do top-secret government organizations doing things like busting into confiscated villain systems *on their own networks*.
    8. Micah’s technological powers have never been the best-defined in the world; what he got to may be as much as he could access.
    9. Last time we saw Ren he’d just gotten on the titular 11:53 to Odessa, so I assume we’ll see him next episode.
    10. I kinda wish (and I think some of the cast did too, given comments we’ve seen) that they’d either chosen a different break point for the episodes or just run the whole thing back to back. I’m not sure this episode had enough oomph to hook people back in for the last 2 if they weren’t already invested. They’ve certainly got a lot left to resolve in the last 2 eps!
    The repeated “if you erase this everyone here will disappear”: a) Erica’s going to forcibly take Tommy’s mom and Emily into the future as an insurance policy and b) the show has already had just that happen to a single character—Peter’s erstwhile girlfriend, left behind in the plague future that then got undone while she was still stuck there, and who neither reappeared in a puff of magic time smoke nor was ever even mentioned again. We don’t know for sure what theory of time travel the show works off of other than that it isn’t entirely deterministic, 9th Wonders notwithstanding. Do the “averted” futures still exist as parallel universes with the “preventions” spawning new universes starting from the points of divergence? If so, is there any means of travel between them and would that in any case prove relevant to the events of Heroes Reborn?

  2. DeeZeeJanuary 11th, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Fun recap.

    I agree with Prin about Malina and HRG’s attitude toward Luke. Their reaction was just right when confronted by a guy who killed many, many people in cold blood.

    The stuff with the cornfield was ridiculous, starting with why they went in there in the first place. It would have been so easy for Luke to just gun the car and drive around the baddie’s SUV. They were all out of the car and in no position to start following them quickly. Also, what happened to the people in the car behind Luke’s car? They see a bunch of people running around pointing guns and don’t call the cops?

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