Last Resort: Blue Water


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

I appreciate the fact that Last Resort always picks up where they left off the week before. However, that doesn’t always mean you can follow what’s going on. Like, Sam and James went off to rescue kidnapped Christine, but how did they get past the blockade and to and from the island so easily? And how did James’ fellow SEAL Team member also get off the island with no apparent problem to get the helmet cam video to Kylie back in America?

Perhaps these things would be explained at a later date had the show not been canceled. But as it stands, it seems like Shawn Ryan and his fellow writers are trying to squeeze in as many stories as possible – some great and some mediocre.

As for the great ones, it was interesting to see China arrive to the party on the island. Their representative offered to help with the Colorado’s lack of food and resources but only if Chaplin agreed to their blind ultimatum. Grace notes, though, that while that alliance would be good for the short-term, it would make clearing his name in the U.S. difficult for Chaplin in the future.

Chaplin wants to take the deal because he knows he needs the help, but he also wants to prove to China he can handle his own. To accomplish this, he makes his prisoners draw straws. The prisoners then find out that the prison is overcrowded and those who drew the short straws will be lashed and beaten and the rest will go back to work on the Colorado. This pleases China and Chaplin takes the deal, with the conditions that they never set foot on the Colorado, but allows him to place a Chinese flag on the island, which as the COB had pointed out earlier, essentially declares it Chinese soil.

The not-so-great storyline this episode was the previously mentioned Christine rescue mission. Sam is public enemy number two, so how was it that he and James were able to just hop on over to The Philippines like it was nothing? And when they made an alliance with James’ former SEAL buddy, you knew that wouldn’t end well. He was able to find her a little too easily and when their getaway car blew up with Sam and James in full view, you knew Christine and James’ friend weren’t inside. It’s clear this storyline is just the setup to Sam getting together with Sophie on the island since he thinks his wife is dead. But you’re better – or at least should be – than love triangles, Last Resort! And you only have three episodes to clear all of this up! How are you going to do it?

Both Sam’s and Chaplin’s storylines, while on different ends of the quality spectrum, are set up to play out longer than the show is going to last and it will be interesting to see how they wrap it all up in their limited time left.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like seeing the COB again after a two-episode absence? Did you think it was unrealistic he didn’t tell Chaplin about Serrat torturing him, or do you think that will be brought up at a later date? After stirring the pot the last few episodes, where was Cortez, the CIA spy? Am I asking too many questions and digging too deep for a show that will be over in three episodes?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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