Liz & Dick: A Review


by Angelle Bonnecarrere

I had the pleasure of attending Walt Whitman High School’s grand production of Liz & Dick, an ode to the torrid love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. This play caps off a wonderful week of plays aptly titled The “I Am Legend” Festival of Plays. We started the week with Boris Karloff, the Man, the Myth, the Legend and mid-week saw the extravagant Esther Williams: Mermaid. I’m sure the first three rows still can’t get the smell of chlorine out of their clothes. The festival has been a tremendous triumph for WWHS. The students all agree that the countless bake sales, bikini car washes, and dog grooming really paid off.

I was met by Principal Daniel Osteen, who assured me that my seat under the basketball net was reserved. I waved to the eager parents ready to film their child’s performance for future clips on American Idol. As soon as Lindsay Lohan (Class of ’13–GO HEDGEHOGS!) hit the stage, I knew that I was in for a treat. As the resident WWHS “bad girl,” she is a relative newcomer to the stage. Her mother, Dina, stopped me in the hallway and said, “I know, this is what I…I mean, she…needs right now. I’m…I mean, she…is going to be huge! You wait and see.” It’s always a great thing to see parents so involved in their children’s extracurricular activities. Grant Bowler is coming to us from Johnny Appleseed High School.  Located in a mountainous region, JAHS is mostly closed for the winter months while the local children dig their houses out. This may be why he seems to be a bit older than the others.

The play spans the years from when the pair filmed Cleopatra and fell in love, through their fights and make ups, to Burton’s tragic death. Grant told me before the performance that he visited an actual cemetery to get what it was like to “be dead.” Lohan was even allowed to smoke onstage. That’s a first for WWHS, thank you Mrs. Adler, your fight for realism paid off. Mrs. Bunting’s art class did a great job with the costumes.  I really felt like I was in the” Swingin’ Sixties.” I don’t know who was responsible for aging Lindsay and making her look curvy, but get them on Syfy’s Face Off! Mrs. Lohan reminded me several times during the performance to let you know that Lindsay is getting over a severe cold and is very sick and might even have pneumonia, but she made it through, because the show must go on. Despite her raspy voice and Bowler’s turtleneck mishap in Act 2, the show went off without a hitch. I hear a rumor that a Hollywood producer is even looking at it as a possible Movie of the Week for the Lifetime channel. I’m sure it would be a hit!

Lindsay and Grant played their scenes very well and, dare I say, Miss Taylor may have some competition in Miss Lohan. I’m looking forward to next year’s festival “Nobody Does it Better: Mickey Rooney, A Retrospective.”

Refreshments were served during intermission by the glee club to fund their trip to Regionals in the spring.

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