Recap: Once Upon A Time – We Are Both


by Justin Jasso (jjasso007)


The episode begins with the seven dwarves deciding to test if it is possible to leave Storybrooke without repercussions. Meanwhile, the townspeople are putting their lives back together after the wrath’s attack. Now that everyone knows who they really are, they all turn to David for guidance and help. David, however, is more concerned with getting back Snow and Emma. He knows Regina’s magic is not 100% and wants to know what she knows about the whereabouts of Emma and Snow. The dwarves discover that the barrier around the town still exists, except now if anyone crosses the border, all memories of the fairy tale self is erased and they become their cursed selves again forever. They can’t leave and are still trapped.

Regina is desperately trying to get her magic to work. She heads to Mr. Gold’s shop and demands where the book is. Mr. Gold will not help her and asks her to please leave, but his “pleases” don’t have the same effect as they used to. Regina tells him that she knows he’s up to something as they both allow the townspeople to think that the Enchanted Forest still exists. The blackmail works and Mr. Gold produces the spellbook. As she leaves, he gives her one parting shot that holding the book makes Regina look just like her mother.

Henry recognizes the Mad Hatter’s hat and tells David that it can open a portal between two worlds. David goes to see Mr. Gold, who is planning to make a break out of Storybrooke, and asks him if he has something magical that can locate a person. He refuses to tell Mr. Gold who he is hoping to find, but Mr. Gold gives him a potion anyway. In exchange, he wants “Prince Charming” to leave him alone. David asks for the same. As he leaves, David tells Mr. Gold of the consequences of leaving Storybrooke which makes Mr. Gold none too happy. Looks like he’s going to be stuck in Storybrooke for a little longer.

Regina opens the book of spells and breathes in the magic. She heads to the town hall meeting with noticeable confidence. Witchy woman is back as she uses magic against the townspeople. Henry tells Regina he’ll go with her if she leaves everyone alone. Regina takes Henry back to her mansion and he runs up to his room to make a break for it. He’s stopped when Regina uses her magic to trap him in the branches of the tree outside his window. Back in his room, Regina tries to explain why she “rescued” him. She tells him that she will let him know all the secrets and learn magic but Henry tells her he doesn’t want to be like her.

Frightened of Regina’s newfound power, the townspeople have formed a caravan to leave Storybrooke but David blocks their path. In a speech that would make any royal proud, he convinces the townspeople to trust that he will not let Regina harm them if they come together like they did before. David is on a roll as now he confronts Regina (with a sword no less) and demands to see Henry. Regina realizes she has become like her mother, and in an act of selflessness, tells Henry he can go live with his grandfather. David asks Regina if the Enchanted Forest still exists. She says yes but she doesn’t know how to get there.

The town begins to get back to a semblance of normality. The dwarves are off to find fairy dust to bring back Sneezy’s memory, Henry tells Marco/Geppetto that Pinocchio is alive and Regina can’t yet find herself to fully separate herself from the magic book of spells. Instead of burning the book, she decides to keep it under lock and key. Mr. Gold is at the town’s border longing to leave the place. Henry and David keep the hope that Emma and Snow are still alive.

In a Fairytale Land flashback, Regina tries to run away before her wedding to the king. She’s stopped by her mother’s magic and brought back to be prostituted out for Cora’s dream. The young, naïve Regina resists as she wants to be free. Unable to stop the wedding, Regina asks her father how her mother’s craziness came into being. It all stems from a book of magic that was given to her by Rumpelstiltskin. Regina knows staying is making her angry and borderline homicidal, and she needs to get away. After stealing the magic book, Regina summons Rumpel, who tells her they are connected – their past and their future! Rumpel tells Regina she doesn’t look like her mother and gives her a gift. It’s a mirror that’s a portal to get rid of mommy dearest. Regina is hesitant as she loves her mother. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she’s actually nice. Rumpel takes his leave but it’s obvious he’s left a seed in Regina’s mind.

On the day of the wedding, Cora tells Regina to start hoarding power because the king is at death’s door (he’s old). Regina is appalled and after being magically restrained by Cora (plus some funny Rumpel goading), pushes Cora through the magic/portal mirror. The mirror smashes along with Evil Mother. Regina makes a beeline outta there but is stopped by Rumpel. He wants to help Regina; magic is power and he’s willing to mentor her. She, at first, refrains from his offer but acknowledges she loved using magic. Regina had a choice to live without hate and magic, thus breaking from her mother’s influence. Unfortunately, she chose to carry Cora’s torch; depending on magic to gain power and letting it consume her.

Meanwhile, in the enchanted forest, Mulan brings Snow and Emma to their campsite. As they try to escape, Mulan throws a bolo at Snow which knocks her to the ground unconscious. Emma heads back to her mother, Mulan tells her men to throw them in the pit. As Emma tries to bring Snow back to consciousness, a woman emerges from the shadows offering help. As she walks into the light, we see it is Cora!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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