Review: 666 Park Avenue – Hero Complex


by Ashley Binion

Another episode, another fancy party.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Last week, Drake resident and journalist, Annie fabricated a poor man’s obituary. Interestingly enough, everything she imagined actually came true. This storyline was continued throughout this episode and became a major thread.

“Hero Complex” opened with Kandinsky, the assassin Annie imagined in her article, continuing to try and get information out of her about who the source was for the article. She panicked and said it was her boss, Ned. He took the confession, went and found Ned, and killed him. Poor Ned never saw it coming.

Henry and Gavin continued their bromance, but it took a turn once Henry’s bosses found out that they were gallivanting around town together. His bosses believed he was the one giving Gavin the inside information on land deals. They wanted him to get inside information on Gavin since he was under investigation by their office.

He obliged and broke into Gavin’s office, acquiring the documents. But continuing Henry’s cluelessness streak, he forgot the flash drive’s cap, which Gavin found and returned to him. I didn’t understand why Henry didn’t deny that was his cap. It would have been more interesting than just sheepishly taking the cap and admitting it was him. At the end of the episode, they made up and became besties again.

While having dinner at the mayor’s house Nona’s vision of Kandinsky shooting at the party came true. But before he pulled the trigger, Jane yelled and saved Henry’s life. Annie, who was there to warn Gavin about the article, wasn’t so lucky. She was shot and killed.

Jane continued to try and open the suitcase and eventually moved it into the closet. Under the bed, where she was keeping the suitcase, the ghost-like girl also inhabited the space. Throughout the episode, the mysterious object inside the suitcase continued to try and break free.

Tony got himself into some trouble this week and opened the suitcase. Out came some black smoke. On a totally unrelated note, Tony is quickly becoming my favorite character on the show. Who doesn’t love a quick-witted front desk manager?

Nona, the kleptomaniac, continued her sticky-finger ways and lifted her shrink’s sunglasses. But, Jane finally became wise and figured out that she was the thief blackmailing her into returning all of the stolen items.  It was revealed to the audience that Miss Klepto had been seeing a therapist due to the sudden loss of both of her parents, and her grandmother was apparently taking care of her.

In the last minute of the episode, her grandmother was shown sitting in a wheelchair, staring blankly out the window. They made a nice, but obvious comparison between the two and their parentless childhoods. I enjoyed getting a little backstory on both Nona and Jane.

It was somewhat refreshing to not have the Louise/Brian/Alexis triangle. How many times can they show Brian staring across the street at his neighbor or having Alexis show up places unannounced without it becoming old? I kind of thought it was overdone after the first episode, but that’s just me.

The episode ended with the black smoke making its way back into the young couple’s apartment and morphing into a man.

What is up with Mr. Smoke Man? And who is that little girl that keeps stalking Jane and Henry?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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