Review: 666 Park Avenue – Murmurations


by Ashley Binion

After last week’s inaugural episode, this week held homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Jane and the front desk manager, Tony, went to pack up Mr. Barlow’s room. Last episode, he was sucked into the wall after refusing to help Gavin kill another person. While in the apartment, Jane heard noises coming from the same wall. Of course, being the curious person she is, she dug into the wall to find a murmuration, which is a flock of starlings, in the ventilation shaft.

After she went to Tony to ask for an exterminator, she ran into the show’s resident teenage kleptomaniac and clairvoyant, Nona, who warned her not to mess with the birds.  Nona ended up stealing the exterminator’s rabbit foot and had a flash of him getting attacked by the birds, which ended up coming true after he tried to exterminate the murmuration.

Jane had a couple more nightmares in this episode. First, she dreamt that she went down into the laundry room and opened the door behind the wall to find a dead body, Edward Paxton. This prompted her to start digging into the history of the hotel. Someone left an old newspaper article from the ‘50s about the murder of Mr. Paxton. The second nightmare she had revealed that his wife was the one who killed Mr. Paxton.

Louise and Brian were back after Louise was crushed by the elevator. She was in the hospital after her ordeal, and considered suing the Dorans. However, at the end of the episode Gavin gave them a check for $300,000. Creeper Brian, on the other hand, continued to be seduced by Alexis, their neighbor from across the street.

The audience was introduced to another tenant of the Drake, Danielle. She was a woman looking for love. While leaving after being stood up on her date, Gavin “happened” to be at the same restaurant and introduced her to Frank.

They hit it off and went on another date before sleeping together. After, Frank tried to leave because–shocker!–he was married. This sent Danielle over the edge and she stabbed Frank to death. Gavin came in the apartment to discover her over the body, and reminded her of the many other times she killed the men she loved throughout the years, including Mr. Paxton, because they were taking advantage of her. She went to the mirror to reveal she was an old woman. This, of course, benefited Gavin because Frank was trying to screw him over in a business venture.

It seems as if the Dorans have a bigger plan for Henry. Gavin keeps throwing these tests at him and he keeps passing.

This episode was better than last week’s pilot. They left the audience with a cliffhanger, tied in Danielle’s storyline to Jane’s successfully, and created a few questions to answer as the series progresses.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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