Review: Alphas – Need to Know


by Ashley Binion

Alphas’ penultimate episode “Need to Know” was full of super-sized action and marked the return of guest stars, Summer Glau and Sean Astin.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The episode started off with the Alpha team looking into several power grids being attacked. Rosen believes Skylar, played by Summer Glau, is the key and wants her found. In “Alphaville,” she was last seen being approached by Parish in a diner.

Rosen sent Kat to retrieve Mitchell, played by Sean Astin, from Building 7 so they could see if he knew anymore about the plan. But on the way back, their convoy was hit by Parish’s men and Mitchell was taken.

Rosen’s downward spiral continued throughout the episode, but this time he brought Hicks, Nina, and Rachel down with him. While Parish’s men were kidnapping Mitchell, Rosen and Hicks kidnapped Parish’s right hand man Cornell, an Alpha much like The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. Throughout the episode, they tortured him every which way to get information on where Parish was located. But he put a block on Cornell’s mind to prevent Nina from pushing him. Rachel, the only paragon of virtue in the room, couldn’t allow their tactics to continue. She eventually called Bill and he came and broke up the interrogation.

I find it interesting that while Rosen is trying to stop Parish he is becoming more and more like him. Also, I have never really been that fond of Nina, but the character impressed me this episode. She tried everything within her power to get information from Cornell.

While the other four Alphas continued their destructive behavior, Gary and Bill continued looking for Mitchell and Skylar. Gary repeatedly called Skylar’s microchip she had embedded within her, and eventually received a signal. Bill and Gary rescued her and her daughter, Zoe, who were stuck in a dream-like state via an Alpha. While in this state, she was unknowingly building some sort of device for Parish.

Parish continued making final preparations for his “adjustment center,” where Alphas will go after the major event.  With Mitchell now in his possession, he wanted to access his memories. He came to find that Mitchell was wiped of all of them.

Hicks and Rosen escaped before Bill could find them and eventually found the “adjustment center,” where they found maps and blueprints. Rosen told Hicks to go back with the Parish’s plans. When he reconvened with the team, Skylar realized Parish’s shipment contained mini-photo stimulators, which were being placed in the power grids. For an Alpha, it performs like a steroid and enhances their ability, but for the average person, it will kill them.

The episode left the audience with a cliffhanger. Rosen chased after Parish, but not before he was shot and left for dead.

Will Rosen’s vendetta against Parish continue to drive him down a wayward path? And will the Alpha team finally bring down Parish once and for all?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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