Review: Bones – The Tiger in the Tale


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

This week’s victim is by far the best “discovery of the body” we’ve seen yet this season. A quarreling couple’s car is stuck in a ditch, and the man is behind the vehicle, pushing it out. In the process of freeing their tires from the muck, Jared Drew’s remains are splattered all over the man’s face. I believe Hodgens said it best with, “He received a face full of face.” So eloquent, that one.

Brennan and Booth narrow down the crime scene to city fairgrounds. When they arrive to investigate, they discover a man hiring “unskilled labor” workers for the day. After showing the man a digital rendering of Drew, he confirms that Drew is one of many who are out of work and come to him for manual labor jobs, and was indeed working the fair. After digging a little deeper it’s discovered that Drew was injured by a tiger while on the job, but it was actually a bullet wound that did him in. The animal handler is acting all kinds of suspicious, too suspicious to go unnoticed by Brennan and Booth. We have our killer, ladies and gents! They solve this crime in no time. I apologize for that nursery rhyme.

Throughout the episode, Brennan is looking at everything through the eyes of a presidential candidate. It’s an interesting contrast to the murder investigation, and adds a little “current events” flair. While it does seem like a forced way to show they’re staying topically relevant, it adds some comic relief to the search for Drew’s murderer. Some of Brennan’s policies include: incentives for the private sector to increase hiring, affordable dental care, and the death penalty for Siberian Tiger cruelty. Yes, you read that last portion correctly. No word yet on her foreign policy.

We are finally seeing more of Hodgens and Angela! They’re having a mini crisis this week as Angela is feeling inadequate in the lab. She doesn’t think what she adds is that important to the cases they receive. This is comical considering she constructs an exact replica of every victim based on the fragments of nothingness that remain of their bodies. Anyone can do that! And by anyone, I mean no one. They get over this minor roadblock, and they’re soon back in happily-ever-afterville.

On the topic of our resident Jeffersonian couples, Sweets and Daisy are planning to move in together — much to Daisy’s excitement and Sweets’ terror. He is clearly trying to convince himself that what they have is great, and that moving in together is the obvious next step. In the process of choosing bath towels and handing over a set of keys to Daisy, he’s beginning to panic. Sweets realizes it’s a huge step that he’s not sure he wants to make. Does this have anything to do with Olivia, the new agent we met last week? That remains to be seen. We are left with Sweets leaving a devastated Daisy on the steps of their new home, which turns out to not be their new home after all. While we all saw this coming, it’s still bittersweet for Bones fans. I was sad to see Daisy and Sweets come to an end, but it frees him up for more exciting things to come. Daisy was an anchor, and leaving her behind was inevitable.

This episode offered some key plot developments needed to move characters forward. We see a glimmer of conflict with Angela and Hodgens (nothing to worry about at this point, but it might be revisited), and we are now going to see a whole new Sweets. I’m expecting some awkward moments between he and Daisy in the coming weeks as their work paths cross.

I would still like to see more of Camille! She’s such a minor player this season. Hopefully this will change soon. One more complaint — where is baby Christine? Brennan and Booth are new parents, but have we haven’t really seen them in this role yet. Elusive baby Christine is the missing piece to the puzzle. I hope we’ll see more of her soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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