Review: Parks and Recreation – How a Bill Becomes a Law


by Gabriel Estrada (@mediiageek)

Judging by the latest episode of Parks and Recreation, it seems safe to say that this show is finally finding its flow after the summer break. Episode three is back on form and proves that its strongest moments come from its supporting cast.

Leslie spends most of the episode with her hair half-permed, bumping heads with fellow councilmen. She tries to pass a law extending the community pool hours, but not before meeting with some opposition from Councilman Jamm, who says no because of his jealousy of Leslie’s new office and private bathroom. Realizing that she needs to compromise with Jamm in order to pass her bill, Leslie concedes her office, parking space, and awkwardly promises to buy Invisalign braces from him.

Ben and April’s planned road trip to Pawnee was probably my favorite part in the episode. The laughs reached a high when April was stuck forced to listen to Ben’s Star Trek fan-fiction, and responded with “I’m going to murder you.” Though Ben and April had the world’s most inert road trip, it was definitely one of the highlights.

Elsewhere, we see Chris introduce a new project in which the public can call the Parks Department with any problems they have, and their calls will be redirected to the relevant area. When the other departments don’t pick up on these calls, Ron Swanson takes a problem into his own hands and decides to fill in a pothole that’s been causing distress to a single mother. Much to Ron’s surprise, the new project actually got stuff done and introduced him to a possible new love interest. Seeing Jerry answer those mistaken 911 calls was priceless.

To me, this episode is a great pick up from last week. The three storylines focused on partners, showing how amazingly these actors tend to work with one another. It was solid, straight-forward, and steadily-funny, although nothing big happened.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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