Review: Revolution – No Quarter


By Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Revolution is getting better as it chugs along, and this week’s episode was no exception. Action-packed and fast-paced, it’s the best chapter of the saga thus far. New shows need time to “set up,” if you will. It seems the setup phase is over. Now that we’ve had time to get to know these characters and understand their circumstances — both individually and as a whole — viewers are finally in that comfortable week-to-week rhythm of anticipation.

Spoilers Ahead.

Miles and Norah are still battling over whether or not she should be so invested in the rebel alliance. He is avidly against her involvement and Norah is not interested in his protests. Miles still believes 100% that any resistance to the Monroe Republic is a lost cause. It is finally revealed that they have a past relationship, a fact that any keen observer could have pieced together 3.2 seconds after the introduction of her character.

Flashbacks are a key component this week as we start to put the puzzle of Miles’ involvement with the Monroe Republic together. Right after the blackout, he begins the trek to find his brother. As he’s leaving, Bass (who we now know is Monroe) is very adamant about accompanying him on the journey, so much so that he even says “I’m not asking.” Did Bass know something even then about the blackout?

Back to present-day, Norah brings Miles and Charlie back to the rebel camp. It’s an old rundown building, less than impressive to Miles. As the group enters the compound, we see dozens of injured people lying on cots. They’ve been ambushed and left in bad shape. It paints a bleak picture of the rebel’s condition. Is this the face of the resistance? Are there more camps like this one? We’ll need to wait and see for the answer. But one thing is certain; they are no match for Monroe. It’s revealed that twelve are dead, and one is missing. This leaves little doubt in Miles’ mind that the “missing” person has been captured and is leading militia right to their door. Norah is staying, which prompts Charlie to remain as well. Miles is reluctant, but doesn’t leave their side. Soon, they’re surrounded by militia.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Aaron are still off on their own. With last week’s admission from Aaron that he believes the blackout to be man-made, we know they’re on a mission to find any clue leading to the knowledge that someone, somewhere has answers. Aaron leads them to the home of Grace. It’s unclear how he knows her, but they seem to have some sort of relationship. We know that something has happened to Grace, but we’re not sure what. Maggie and Aaron do some snooping and find that she built a computer, meaning one thing — Grace had power. Suddenly, a song starts playing. Marvin Gaye, Aaron notes. Maggie’s phone powers on for what seems to be about thirty seconds, and she stares lovingly into the faces of her children. Just as suddenly, it powers off, leaving them in stunned silence. It’s a very poignant moment and we feel, for the first time, the purest form of desperation these characters have for any link to their former lives.

Back at the compound, it’s been hours since they were first attacked. Finally, they capture the commanding officer, a man named Jeremy. Jeremy reveals that Miles is a “founding father” of the Monroe Republic and that he was Commander of the militia. Miles doesn’t deny this fact and even admits that he trained the militia himself. Charlie is devastated. Even after this is revealed, Miles is still working with Charlie and Norah to get them out unharmed. He offers himself in a trade. If Jeremy lets everyone else go, Miles will give himself over. Jeremy accepts the offer and Miles is taken into custody. Charlie and Norah follow the militia and ambush them, freeing Miles and destroying the bridge between them and the Monroe Army. Miles seems reluctant for some reason, but goes along with the two women.

We are left with Miles seemingly in limbo between the two sides. We know his devotion lies with family, but why was he so involved with the origins of the Monroe Republic? Does he offer them any allegiance? I think the dynamic between Charlie and Norah is a much-needed one. They are both willing to do whatever it takes to further their respective missions. The developing friendship between the two is special.

Poor Danny is still in custody, but they seem to be drawing ever-nearer to his location. His release has the potential to add a whole new element to the unfolding story. He has basically been a non-factor this entire time, and I’m interested to see what he brings to the table. Even in shackles, he’s been very capable as far as protecting himself. We’ll see what kind of energy he brings to the ensemble. I have a feeling they’ll reach him sooner rather than later. The episode is strong and moves the plot forward. It successfully left me in anticipation for next week.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Nerd HerderOctober 3rd, 2012 at 2:52 am

    Nice article, I really enjoy this show, as its different from all the other crap out there, and its awesomely clever. I must say it is getting better as the show proceeds, as previous scenes in the show were a tad cheesey. My eagerness of the release of each episode every week gradually climbs higher but I really hope that REVOLUTION will not be a show that bums out after the first season, like TERRA NOVA which I enjoyed.

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