Review: Supernatural – Heartache


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Warning: Carry on my wayward reader if you have seen Supernatural season eight, episode three. 

Running in the dark, headphones in; never a good idea. Trying to outrun a mysteriously fast orange-wearing overweight man, even worse idea. Heartache. It hurts when your heart is literally ripped out of your chest in Minneapolis; nope it’s not a line from an up-and-coming romantic comedy, it’s this monster’s method of operation.

Dean is not having any of Sam’s “I want to quit this life, Dean” pity parties and instead gives it to him straight saying, “You took a year off to do yoga and play the lute. But now, we’re back.” And that we are: back into the typical swing of Supernatural episodes. The curious case of Kevin Tran has taken a backseat this episode alongside the game of “What Happened to Castiel?”

This episode we are faced with a heart-eater. But why, who and how are the questions that roll around in our minds as unlinked civilians use their hands and nothing else to rip into the chests of their victims. The first suspect: Paul Hayes. Protein shakes, gym equipment and amnesia. Yeah, he doesn’t quite remember tearing another man’s heart out.  Suspect number one leads us to suspect number two: a less responsive, more loopy policeman very intent on repeating the words “Mi sha Kakau oh sheehi koo” or something along those lines. And although, Dean’s newfound love for applications on his phone proves no help, Anthropology professor Dr. Morrison translates the gibberish into Ancient Mayan meaning, “The divine God of Kakau is born.”

When Mr. Crazy Policeman gauges his own eye out, the Winchesters are placed on a trail of possible suspects with one common factor: the same organ donor. The verdict is brought back as Brick Holmes. THE Brick Holmes, the insanely fit and insanely infamous quarterback. But is he a demonic Satanist or simple organ donor?

Boulder, Colorado: The Bunny Hole. Well, that escalated quickly. An exotic dancer turned impromptu organ retriever ripped the cardiac muscle out of a poor unsuspecting man. A woman muttering a dead language, smearing blood all over her face and eating a heart: yeah, I’m definitely put off steak for another month.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are on their way to question Momma Holmes. Afterwards, Mrs. Holmes is seen talking to creepy exotic dancer lady and we are left with an uneasy feeling that some sort of symbiotic relationship between Brick Holmes and his organ receivers has formed. After a not-so-successful interview and about no information at all, the Winchesters are back on the road. The Winchesters may have had normal-ish moments this episode, but the discussion about the possibility that Sam might want a life outside of the constant hunt for demons was not overlooked.

As the Winchesters snoop around Brick Holmes’ room, as Winchesters tend to do: they found a shrine for all things Brick. But not just Brick’s time as a football player; his time as a boxer, racecar driver and baseball player as well: over the past ninety-five years. Weird thing is: Brick was twenty-five years old. Alongside the endless antiques of sports equipment, a box of letters was found. All addressed to a Betsy. Dearest Betsy, who on earth are you and what is going on? Turns out Mama Holmes is actually Betsy – Brick Holmes’ aging, human wife. The sacrifice made to keep Brick – well… Brick, was two hearts per year to the God Kakau. And the way to end all things Brick? Kill the heart. Which just so happens to be in the exotic dancer. A few death-defying moments later and the Winchesters have hit a home run and all the monsters are dead.

As for Sam’s dreams of a white picket fence with animal doctor Emilia, a flashback, saxophone solo and birthday surprise in the park introduce us to why Sam wants his alternate life back. He wants some normalcy. Let’s just hope Sam’s playing hard to get, because let’s face it – Winchesters and normalcy just don’t go in the same sentence.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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