Review: The Guild – Makeshift Solutions


by Marcus Luera


Let’s all just say, “Whew!” Codex was not fired.  She is still the most hated person in the office, but she still has her job.  The catch being her duties are still vaguely defined.  While Codex laments that the office is filled with real people with real problems she does get another piece of great news, but more on that in a minute.

The rest of the guildies are faring about the same as when we last left them.  Clara is having Bladezz tape her to show her husband that she is being responsible and taking great care of the children.  All that can be said is the video speaks for itself.  Zaboo continues his search for a soul mate.  He even made a collage of what qualities he is looking for.  Tink, still looking for the path of least resistance, tries to work her magic on Zaboo to get a paper written.  Thankfully, the group stopped that.  Lastly, Vork is continuing to stress about Madeleine’s past.  Sadly, it seems the more he learns about her, the less he likes.

So back to Codex and her boss, who was actually shocked when Codex was getting ready to leave.  We get to know him a little better this week.  He basically tells her that he wants her around because he wants one person in the office not to nag him.  He also gives her news that puts the spring back in her step; she will now have access to the test server.  That’s right, she will now among the first to see what’s coming next to the game—news that she is happy to share with her guild. This happens just as they were discussing how little time she has to game with them.  Before she knows it, her guild is at the door of the office prompting a “hell no” from her.  Overall, a great episode and I am looking forward to next week when Codex’s worlds collide.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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