Review: The Guild – New Party


by Marcus Luera

Poor Codex, like she says at the beginning of the episode, “a dream can turn into a nightmare very quickly.”  Her estimates of alienating seventy percent of the office are dashed when the head artist of the game informs her that it is more like one hundred percent of the office that hates her.  We also learn her boss and creator of the game has zero confidence and self-control.  While Codex is a fan of nearly everyone she meets, they are less than thrilled to meet her.

Tink has found out why her charms are no longer working.  A guy she strung along blasted her on social media and the Guild is having a good laugh at her expense.  Zaboo is making progress in that he is trying to bond with a dog.  Unfortunately, it is not going well.  Bladezz having been kicked out his hang out by his mom’s boyfriend, the cop from the rival guild from Season 3, is taken in by Clara.  Clara’s husband is not happy about this, but she justifies it by saying she maternity to spare.  Bladezz sees this as opportunity to mine Clara’s life to bolster his YouTube channel.

Vork continues to prepare for his beloved Madeleine Twain, and Zaboo decides to help by doing what he does best, a little cyber-stalking.  Zaboo turns up all sorts of info on Madeleine, and much to Vork’s horror, he realizes he knows nothing about her other than she played the fictional love of his life.  Back at the office, Codex bears witness to her unstable boss’ meltdown over an expansion pack she liked and the rest of the office is very anxious to release.  When she took sides against her boss, it seems she sealed her own fate.  Yes, it appears that Codex has been fired!

Not as much development this episode, but still a very solid effort by the cast and writers.  Many questions still linger and I look forward to seeing the answers in future episodes.

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

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