Review: Warehouse 13- Second Chance


by Ashley Binion

Last time on Warehouse 13: Warehouse agents Artie, Steve Jinks, and Claudia cut off Brother Adrian’s access point to the Warehouse. Throughout the season Brother Adrian, a part of the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond, has been stealing previously recovered artifacts and sending them back out into the world. The cliffhanger of the last episode: the H.G. Wells’ return!

At the top of this week’s episode, “Second Chance,” Artie sends agents Pete and Myka off to West Virginia to investigate a steel worker who has spontaneously begun to rust from the inside out. Isn’t everything spontaneous when it comes to artifacts?

Since Jinks’ untimely and heroic death, he was brought back to life through the metronome, to which he is now connected. The downside? Whenever he gets hurt, Claudia, the one who brought him back via the metronome, is the one who feels the pain.

Up to this point, Jinks has been unsuccessful in his quest to find a way to disconnect himself from the metronome. Luckily for Jinks, Artie discovered that Robert Schumann, a German composer, owned it. Schumann himself was connected to the metronome, but was successful in freeing himself. With that, the pair was off to Jinks’ hometown in New Jersey.

After the gang of four left on their respective missions, up popped Mrs. Fredric, agent Leena and agent H.G. to confront Artie about his time traveling and using the astrolabe. Mrs. Fredric, the Warehouse protector, knew time had been shifted but was unaware it was Artie. He confessed that he did use the astrolabe to save the Warehouse, along with the lives of Mrs. Fredric, and H.G.

As more people began to rust, Myka and Pete found there was a connection between the victims and the steel mill. At the mill, they found that Cody, the small town’s boxing hero, had pieces of shrapnel in his chest from his service in the Marine Corp. This shrapnel was a piece of Spartan armor, giving them strength and defiance during their stand against the Persians. As always, Pete and Myka eventually neutralized the artifact, but not without a boring boxing montage first.

In New Jersey, we finally met Jinks’ mom (!), and it seemed like Claudia was also pretty excited. What we didn’t know is that Jinks and his mom have had a strained relationship since the murder of his sister Olivia. Later Jinks told Claudia that their fight was about his sister’s murderer. His mom didn’t want the murderer to get the death penalty, but Steve did, creating a rift between the mother and son.

Claudia helped Jinks let go of his anger and reconnect with his mom. During their group hug, Claudia touched the metronome, which sent his mom gasping for air. In a moment of pure love, he smashed it, saving his mother. In doing so, he and Claudia were freed.

The last scene of the episode contained Mrs. Fredric finding the astrolabe in the dark vault, where she then gave it to H.G. and told her to take it, run, and not to trust anyone. Dun, dun, duuunnn…

I always enjoy a H.G. Wells visit, but sadly she wasn’t utilized as much as I would have liked and left me wanting more. Will we see her again? Did it seem as if Jinks’ disconnection from the metronome was a little too easy? And, will Mrs. Fredric be able to stop Brother Adrian all by herself?

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