Review: Warehouse 13 – We All Fall Down


By Ashley Binion

Five cities, four countries, and one Evil Artie. Yeah, that’s how much globetrotting occurred in the action-packed midseason finale, “We All Fall Down.”

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

After last week’s shocking cliffhanger, the episode started with Pete and Myka finding Leena’s dead body, with evil Artie nowhere to be found. I still can’t believe they killed off one of the original cast members. Yes, she had a minimal role but still it was a significant death for the team. Of course, they were completely devastated once they found out.

While mourning Leena, Evil Artie appeared in the Warehouse via a hologram. While he was talking to the group, he set fire to the Holy Roman Empire section of the Warehouse. The section contained old Warehouse 8 files.

And with that, the hunt for Evil Artie and what he wanted to destroy began. Throughout the episode, Pete kept seeing Leena and eventually followed her (spirit?) to a torture section within the Warehouse. There he found a secret compartment that held H.G. Well’s research on the dagger.

It led Pete and Myka to Budapest, then to a museum in Prague. They found the dagger, but Artie used another artifact to stop the duo. This time he used Isaac Parker’s noose, who was a famous hanging judge in the West, to grab the dagger.

Claudia discovered that Artie was looking for the most dangerous artifact Warehouse 8 housed: the Chinese Orchid. When used, it unleashes a sweating sickness, killing millions of people. Yes, it sounds exactly like it is, people sweat to death. His plan involved using the dagger to open the Orchid’s impenetrable box, eventually casting the sickness out into the world.

Still at the Vatican, agent Jinks and Mrs. Fredric continued to look for a cure with the help of Brother Adrian. Robespierre, a French politician, used the astrolabe which helped create Reign of Terror. They discovered that the evil that was created came from within Artie, and the darkness had now extinguished the light.

While the senior agents searched for the dagger, Jinks and Claudia were in Berlin looking for Warehouse 8, which originally housed the Chinese Orchid, but had no luck. After an episode apart, I was relieved to see them have scenes together. As far as comedy, they were the only bright spot in the episode.

The four agents converged in Berlin to stop Artie, who was about to open the Orchid box when Claudia came in and stabbed him with the dagger. Surprisingly, the vision Artie kept having throughout the season came true when Claudia stabbed him.

As Pete tried to slow-motion catch the orchid from hitting the ground, it instead crashed on his hand. This made the Orchid crumble into black smoke, which sent the sweat sickness out into the world.

Goodness, so much happened in this episode. I always enjoy when they visit old Warehouses, like they did two seasons ago when they traveled to Warehouse 2 in Egypt (the episode had a very Indiana Jones feel, which I am always a sucker for).

The best nerdy moment goes to Pete, who saw a sword that looked like a Klingon battle axe and wanted to keep it.

Will Artie remember what he did to Leena? And how will the Warehouse team stop the sickness?

See you back in 2013 for the midseason premiere!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

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