Review: Awkward – Time After Time


by Kelsey Anderson

Oh my goodness, if this episode doesn’t make you want to keep watching, I don’t know what will! Okay, fine, this episode won’t mean much if you haven’t been following the show, but MTV’s Awkward is one of the best on television. No joke. I may be a 24-year-old watching a show about high schoolers, but I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s definitely a highlight of my week.

Awkward is centered around the life of Jenna, an average Jane who gains unwanted attention through an assortment of ridiculous mishaps. (Just watch the pilot episode, and you’ll be hooked. Seriously.) She has been dating Jake, a down-to-earth, all-around nice guy, who treats her well and uttered “I love you,” only to receive an “Awesome,” in return. Let’s just say Jenna has been a little conflicted as of late, and who can blame her? She had a short physical fling with adorable Matty, who just so happens to be Jake’s best friend.

Jenna and Matty’s timing was simply very off. Jenna liked Matty, Matty didn’t want to go public with the relationship, Jenna decided enough was enough, and ended it. Then, Matty decided that he really did like her, but Jenna had moved on with Jake, someone who actually wants to be seen with her outside of the bedroom. High school drama, much? YES, but who cares?! The comedy is great! The show really does have its fill of awkward characters from the guidance counselor who wants to be seen as a friend and “cool kid” to the mom who can’t stop reminiscing about her high school glory days. You can’t help but laugh at these (sometimes) hopeless and helpless characters.

“Time After Time” was a great episode, one that reminds you why you started loving the show and the characters in the first place. Jenna and Matty have been hiding their aforementioned fling from Jake because they felt no good could come from him knowing. It was all in the past…or so they said. Unfortunately, the show’s resident b!*$# has other plans, deciding to enlighten Jake on the fling between two of his closest friends. Needless to say, he is shocked and upset and immediately breaks up with Jenna, leaving her reeling because she doesn’t know what she’s done wrong. She had literally just left a message for Jake, confessing her love, only to be broken up with about two minutes later, and he doesn’t feel the need to go into any details. She’s crying, and he’s beyond mad.

While Jenna continues to try and pry from Jake what in the world went wrong, he continues to be angry and dismissive. (Note: Jenna is also dressed in an amazingly ugly flower girl dress as this is all taking place during the wedding of her mother’s best friend.) The whole touch of Jenna looking like a five-year-old during this whole episode adds to the hilarity, especially when you see her walking home in the heinous dress.

Flash forward to Jenna in her room on her computer. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Matty, coming to check on her. The two have become friends despite the awkwardness of their past. They end up talking and laughing, and Jenna confesses that maybe Jake does have some reason to feel insecure because, maybe, she’s not totally over Matty. Cue the kiss!

So, long story short, I loved it. I’ve been rooting for the Matty-Jenna (Jentty? Menna…?) relationship. I was a little over Matty when he didn’t want to go public with the relationship, but as he’s realized that he really does care about Jenna and was an absolute idiot before, I find myself rooting for him more and more. And maybe I have a little crush on Beau Mirchoff, too, but gosh, does he do a great job playing Matty. One really can’t help but love him…and want to date him. Or maybe that’s just me? I highly doubt it.

Watch Awkward. I promise you won’t be disappointed. As I summarized, maybe you caught yourself thinking, “What a bunch of high school drama?!” But I urge you to still give the show a chance! It’s not just for high schoolers. Really.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


  1. RM PeavySeptember 4th, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Ben Blacker of Supernatural and the Nerdist Writers Panel is in LOVE with this show. I have to watchit. He says it’s some of the best writing on TV.

  2. gold priceSeptember 6th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    That’s actually another way in which “Awkward” played with expectations: Rather than have viewers spend a season wondering whether Jenna (Ashley Rickards) would get together with Matty, a handsome and popular jock, we learned in the pilot that they’d had sex at summer camp. But it wasn’t just a casual hookup: Jenna really cared about Matty, and he began to have strong feelings for her too, but his hesitation at making their relationship public led Jenna to reconsider and turn to Jake more and more.

  3. Misha LeeSeptember 16th, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Watch Listed! Thanks! 🙂

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