Speaking for the First Time, Thanks to Apps


by Emily Ireland-Smith

Thanks to the wonders of technology, especially in these past years, apps for iPad can help people on the autistic spectrum. These have been particularly life-changing. Autistics who cannot talk are now able to express themselves in new ways, some for the first time.

Teachers and parents have seen their children (and adults) really show interest in the apps helping them to communicate and unlock their isolation.

AutisMate, created by Jonathan Izak, is one example of an app used for autistics. It allows parents and teachers to create interactive scenes of their own environment using video, pictures and voice recordings. Other apps benefical to autistics include: Proloquo2Go, iPrompts, and The Social Express.

In my own experiences with my social worker and social club for autistics, I have seen non-verbal autistics now talking (or communicating with an iPad) and verbal autistics, who could also use help, getting the assistance needed.

All I can say is thank you, Steve Jobs.

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