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by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Warning: Do not read on if you haven’t seen Supernatural Season Eight, Episode Nine: Citizen Fang

Tensions built in Supernatural’s mid-season finale this week as blood boiled between the brothers, Benny and a returned-from-season-five Martin Creaser.

The episode begins in Louisiana where Benny has found himself a job at a diner. Creaser just so happens to be a fellow diner at the same joint – except what’s really happening is Martin is straight out of the psychiatric hospital and looking for a job to get him back into the hunting game. He called Sam, Sam doesn’t like Benny and Sam put Martin on Benny’s back. From the get go, this doesn’t sound good. After a mini “why don’t you like my brother from another mother” argument between Dean and Sam, they agree to check it out to make sure Benny is staying as clean as he promised he would.

Arriving in Louisiana, Dean does what Dean does best: orders pie. He snoops around the diner Benny, or as they call him – Roy, works at and meets a wonderful woman that goes by the name of Elizabeth. Elizabeth seems to be close to Benny and promises to call Dean if she sees him. A few frames of Benny literally washing the blood off of his hands and it honestly looks like he’s killing some humans, but Dean finds and confronts him and the story is revealed. A rogue vamp called Desmond has been leaving dead bodies in Benny’s path in order to blackmail him into joining Desmond’s new nest to add “street cred” to his name. Not very mature for a 100+ year old creature of the night. Turns out, Benny grew up in Louisiana and the charismatic Elizabeth is his granddaughter and he doesn’t want to be forced out of his hometown.

Throughout the episode, Sam’s flashbacks of Amelia show the most interesting development of their relationship. Amelia has just learnt that her dead husband isn’t actually dead and naturally, is having a hard time coming to terms with that. Sam tells her that he might go to Hell (been there, done that) for saying it but he thinks their relationship feels like the right thing to do. Shortly after a brief conversation with Don – yes alive, but dead husband Don – Sam has changed his mind. He wants Amelia to give Don a chance, just like she gave Sam one when they met… after she thought he was a serial killer.

Back at one of the many mangy motel rooms the Winchesters have found themselves in over the years, Martin and Sam gang up on Dean in regards to hunting down Benny. They don’t believe that Benny isn’t behind the murders, but Dean says, “The only thing I can say about Benny is that he has never let me down.” Ouch. That struck a nerve with Sam. Apparently, it also struck a nerve with Martin since he took to the sentence by knocking Dean unconscious and handcuffing him before going after Benny. Poor Dean, anyone he has ever cared about has been hunted down and killed. When Dean gets rid of his handcuffs, as he always does, he goes to find Benny to team up with him and get rid of Desmond. And that they do. Not before Desmond cuts Dean’s neck open, of course. The blood gushing out of Dean’s wound caught Benny unaware, and after a moment of weakness he returned to his normal not-blood-sucking self. Dean explains to Benny that he can’t live here anymore. Hunters will hear the news and they will find him. So off Benny goes, with Elizabeth in the rear-view mirror.

During Benny and Dean’s heart to heart Sam gets a text message from Amelia saying “Sam. Come quick. I need your help.” So off he goes, abandoning a bewildered Martin in the quest for Benny’s head. After driving for what seemed like hours, Sam arrived at a peaceful house where he saw Don and Amelia living happily ever after, watching television and drinking beer. Is Sam going loco? Because I don’t think viewers would warm to that too quickly.

Back to our insane character of this episode – Martin, after being told by Dean to get out of hunting, goes for the exact opposite. After threatening Elizabeth’s life to get Benny back in town, the inevitable showdown between the two carries out in front of Elizabeth. Martin wants to show Elizabeth what “Roy” really is, but Benny shows self-restraint and doesn’t reveal his fangs. Benny lays his head down on the table, sacrificing himself to save his granddaughter and BAM Dean gets a phone call. “You told me to call you if I saw him again.” Elizabeth saw a bit too much of Benny as he never was killed – instead, he killed Martin. And finally revealed his fangs. Oh, Benny you were doing so well.

Shortly after, Sam decides to call the number that texted him and voila! It’s Dean. His intention was to get Sam as far away from Benny as possible. Amelia never actually tried to get in contact with Sam and Sam is not happy. After hanging up on Dean, downing his drink and turning around – we have our shock of the episode: Amelia is standing right in front of him. “I knew that was you.”

Although this episode wasn’t as gripping as midseason finales in the past, it certainly had its moments. Between Amelia resurfacing in Sam’s life and Benny going Vampirate on us, there is a lot of room for plot development when the season returns with a new episode on January 16th.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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