The Guild: Into the Breach


by Marcus Luera

It was very weird and nice to see Codex open the episode on a hopeful note.  Of course, this being The Guild, it can’t last. We find Tink and Zaboo about to log onto the test server, and Clara is jealous of them.  She’s now being pressured by Bladezz to finish more of her advice vlogs for his channel, and he’s so invested that he is running interference with her husband.

Back to Zaboo and Tink, they get to log on to the test server and play the expansion pack.  While playing, Tink runs into Floyd’s nephew and continues to try to work her magic on him.  She actually has some success this time.  Zaboo and Tink continue to explore and find a bar, where Zaboo meets a nice mermaid bartender.  Zaboo is instantly smitten and Tink just wants to go kill things.

We also get a resolution to last week’s cliffhanger.  Vork crashed through Floyd’s ceiling and began to read his many complaints to him.  First thing Floyd does is press his panic button, which brings Codex running.  She pretends to not know Vork, who has just undone all of Codex’s work, and faces some pretty serious ramifications for what he did to Floyd; he is now permabanned. Not to take this lying down, he begins his own Occupy movement at the studio. Floyd is, again, a wreck over the game and hating the expansion.

All and all a good episode and I really liked scenes in the test server.  I wonder how long before Clara wises up and has showdown with Bladezz over the vlog. Poor Codex just can’t seem to catch a break.  Also, I wonder how far will Vork take his Occupy movement.  I can’t wait till next week!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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