The Guild – Raid Timez


by Marcus Luera

We pick up with the Guildies descending on Codex and the office.  This episode is all about her attempt to wrangle her guild and get them out of the office.  No easy task, but she does manage to be somewhat successful.

First she manages to divert Vork, mostly because he has Madeleine with him.  I will come back to that.  Next, Bladezz and Clara, who are both extremely excited to be in the office, but soon distracted by the fact that the video Bladezz posted of her is getting a lot of hits. Clara, very excited by the fact her parenting is getting good reviews, rushes out with Bladezz to tell her husband.  Tink steals what appears to be Codex’s key to the private server and disappears.

Back to Vork and Madeleine, both are beginning to see that their relationship may not be what they hoped for.  A conversation descends into an argument very quickly, and it appears they may have broken up.  Zaboo does cover for Codex, by pretending to be a member of the IT team because she is not allowed to have visitors.  Codex does catch up to Tink, who has zeroed in on Donavan, a coder for the game who’s related to game creator (and Codex’s boss) Floyd.  Finally, Codex sees Zaboo still posing as an IT agent helping Floyd.

This was a really fast paced and tight episode.  Lots of plot development and set up with some nice pay offs to Madeleine and Vork’s relationship, and seeing what happens when Guildies attack.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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