The Guild: The Case of the Game Leak


by Marcus Luera

Now that’s the open we are used to from Codex! She’s in it ut of 5eryone who works on the show deserves to take a bow.  Just pure awesomeness and I cant wait till next The office is all abuzz about the leak.  Floyd is losing it and he puts his gal Friday on it.  Yes, Codex is on the case.

We first catch up with Zaboo and Tink, who are still enjoying the expansion.  Zaboo has maxed out his reputation with his digital love.  In the real world, Tink seems to be near the same point with Floyd’s nephew, Donovan.  She’s doing nice things for him, and dare I say, might have feelings for him.  Zaboo and Tink are also the first questioned about the leak.

Bladezz made his move against Clara; he got Wiggly to quit his job and pursue his dream.  Even Clara knows this is a bad move.  With no other options, Clara caves to Bladezz’s demands.  Vork is continuing with his Occupy HQ movement, but Madeleine gives him a dire warning about what may happen with his movement if he doesn’t back off. Vork ignores her and pushes onward.

Back to Codex and her investigation.  The good: We get a nice montage to the Magnum P.I. theme. The bad: It goes nowhere.  While I think I know who did it; it seems Codex won’t crack this case. Floyd may be freaking out about the leak, but almost all the feedback online is positive with exception of one comment. And of course, that’s the one he focuses on. Poor Floyd.

What an amazing episode! Everyone who works on the show deserves to take a bow.  Just pure awesomeness and we’ll see what happens next week!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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