The Guild: Tipping Point


by Marcus Luera

Codex describes her detective skills as Magnum P.U., and sadly, that will be the high point for her this week.  Piling on Floyd’s (and later Codex’s) woes is the fact that Vork’s protest has not only gained popularity and momentum, but now seems to be disturbing the office.  Tink and Donovan return from a lunch date, and we learn he leaked the info about the expansion pack.  Their relationship hits the skids when Tink wants to keep it, as she puts it, “even.”  He told her a big secret so she tells him one.

Speaking of hitting the skids, Zaboo’s relationship with his digital soul mate crashes and burns when the server is reset, and he loses all his progress.  Clara wants to make sure her husband gets his job back, now that she’s given into Bladezz’s demands, and she’s not happy to find that may not be so easy.  But she’s soon distracted by the live feed of Vork’s protest, and grabs Bladezz to see what is happening.

In all the action of the protest, Floyd went missing and Codex had to find him. He was hiding in a special room in the test server.  Codex does the impossible and convinces Floyd to leave his hater cave and finally agree to release the expansion back.  However, the good times don’t last long.  She is summoned to Floyd’s office, where the secret Tink shared comes back to bite her: she, Zaboo, and Codex all know Vork and he was their guild leader.  Floyd promptly fires Codex.

Wow, what an ending!  Codex’s speech to Floyd was so good and very true.  As we get closer to the season finale, the episodes just get better and better.

Rating: 5 out 5 stars

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