The Summer Slump


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Have you found yourself browsing the Internet for hours on end? Or have you been parked in front of the television all day? The summer months are wonderful; its sunny (usually), everyone’s in better spirits and you might even have a week or more off of work. At the beginning of the summer, it all seems promising and you think to yourself, “I have so much time on my hands; I have that book to catch up on; I’ll exercise, diet and be healthy; I’ll write to all those people I’ve lost contact with…” Or I’ll sit in front of the television all day and take a break to go on the Internet. I am guilty of these charges. Now I’m not saying we’re all slob-slaves of summer but if you’ve found yourself in a repetitive slump; I’ve found a few ways to break the unproductive mold of lazy days.

Write up a to-do-list. If you’re serious about getting things done then write them down and put the list in a place you’ll see everyday. If you start ignoring the note then put it in more places until you start doing something about it!

Keep to a few parts of your regular routine. Even if you’re on holiday, keep to a routine. You’ll need structure and a few mandatory things to do to make sure you’re not still sitting on the couch with a thousand dishes to do and the laundry piling up. Make yourself get up, if not to stop watching TV then to have something other than Cheez-Its and a can of coke.

GO OUTSIDE! It’s a bit cliché to say that this generation doesn’t go outside often enough, but the other day was beautiful, sunny and I looked outside and thought, “What’s on TV?” I then kicked myself and went outside, but the technological temptations of this day and age sometimes overshadow the beauty of a walk in the park.

Write up a list of the most obscure (yet possible) things you’d like to do with your time off, call a friend or two and do them.

If you can’t come up with anything then consult this list.

Good luck and have a great summer!

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