Versus: Batman vs. Predator


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What is Versus? Versus is a 26 Character Single Elimination Bracket. We will feature a new pairing each week till we reach the ultimate champion!


Keen intellect. Batman isn’t known as “The World’s Greatest Detective” for nothing. With an arsenal of forensic tools and detective gadgets at his disposal, and his incredible amount of intelligence, general knowledge and supreme skills in deduction, Batman is as analytical as they come.

Martial Arts Prowess. The Dark Knight is no slouch when it comes to fisticuffs. Due to his extensive amount of training in all things hand-to-hand, Batman always knows what counter-attack to use, and which blows will be the most efficient and effective.

Gadgets and vehicles. Of course, being a good fighter can only get you so far when up against certain powerful enemies who shrug off your blows as if they were nothing. Luckily for Batman, his billionaire status as Bruce Wayne and owning his electronics company of WayneTech means he has an incredibly powerful arsenal of crime-fighting tools at his disposal. Batarangs, Grapnel, Armored suits, the Batmobile and even devices that let him summon bats are just a mere few of the hundreds of gadgets at his disposal.

Allies: Butler power! Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s ever-faithful butler and mentor in some ways, and when he and both a Robin (pick one) are present they help to bring a new perspective to Batman’s somewhat black & white view of the world.

The one rule: The one thing that separates Batman from the criminals he fights is the fact that he has vowed to never kill. While in his eyes this is what makes him better than them, arguably it is also a weakness in the fact that the worst he can do to repeat offenders and prison escapees like the Joker is to lock them up in Arkham Asylum again. So that they can escape again. And kill again… and so on. Villains often use this “one rule” to their advantage.

Unrelenting sense of duty: So strong is Batman’s conviction to watching over Gotham that he often goes without rest and literally wears himself out almost to death in his constant struggle for justice. And when a man who is incredibly ill and severely sleep-deprived goes up against a bad guy like Bane, they often won’t stand much of a chance if they aren’t at operating at peak performance.

Famous Escapes:
During the infamous Knightfall saga, after running against a gauntlet of escaped criminals including Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Riddler, Firefly and Joker, a bruised, ill and tired Batman has to face the venom-pumped Bane, who not only defeats Batman but breaks his spine! However while most mere mortals would either be paralysed or dead as a result, the Bat eventually came back (with a little help from his friends).

More recently in the New 52 reboot, Batman is held prisoner in a huge labyrinth where he is drugged and then stabbed, yet due to his unstoppable inner strength and incredible amount of knowledge about everything, he manages to escape an almost certain demise.



Strength:  A deadly race of alien warriors, the Predators all naturally process superhuman levels of strength and agility. When combined with their expertly honed hunting, stalking and fighting skills, a Predator is one fierce foe indeed.

Weaponry: Like Batman, the Predator too carries all sorts of powerful weapons and gadgets. Unlike Batman however, most of these are designed to kill as opposed to merely incapacitate. Spears, wrist blades, shoulder lasers, stealth camouflage, self-destruct explosives and thermal vision are standard amongst a Predator’s arsenal.

Frightful appearance: In both Predator movies, how many people died at the hands of the Predator while screaming like a little girl? Most of the time all the Predator needs to do is show its full grotesque figure to its prey to reduce them to a grovelling wreck, ripe for the slaughter.

Thermal vision: Whilst the Predator often relies on this to stalk its prey and make them stand out from their surroundings, the thermal vision comes as a double-edged sword. As Arnie discovered in the original Predator, when he was completely covered in mud the Predator was unable to detect him due to his heat signatures being insulated and blocked out. Theoretically, if somebody either lowered their body temperature or were wearing a heat-insulating suit that is cold on the outside, they would be practically invisible to the eyes of the Predator.

Code of honor: Differing somewhat from Batman’s “thou shalt not kill” rule, the Predator’s strict code of honor prevents it from hunting or killing any being that isn’t considered a challenge or a threat. Thus, prey who become privy to this knowledge can use it to their advantage to act completely defenceless against a Predator, before busting out some hidden weapons and taking it out when its guard is down.

Famous Escapes:
In Predator 2, a severely wounded Predator is able to heal its wounds by using its high-tech gear to crush some simple porcelain into a very powerful healing paste.

Also, not an escape so much as it is a last ditch attempt to get even, but the mortally wounded Predator from the first tries to get the last laugh against Arnie by setting off its own personal self-destruct sequence which results in a huge explosion of small nuclear proportions.

Who will take the winners bracket and make their way to the top? The choice is yours!

Batman vs. Predator

  • Batman (79%, 131 Votes)
  • Predator (21%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 166

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  1. Chuck and Firefly FanDecember 17th, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    This one is quite easy. Batman always wins here. Batman Rulez

  2. Mark KDecember 17th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Batman: Deadend gives a good glimpse of how this would unfold as does the Comic Series

  3. MarcusDecember 18th, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Haven’t there been two series about this? Also the Bat won both, so…

  4. KevinDecember 18th, 2012 at 11:17 am

    I’d like to think that in the end, any heroic Predator would team up with Batman after a scuffle ended in stalemate.

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