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What is Versus? Versus is a 26 Character Single Elimination Bracket. We will feature a new pairing each week till we reach the ultimate champion!


Strength. In the Marvel Universe, “Hulk is the strongest one there is!” Not only that, but “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!” And he’s pretty much always angry. The Beyonder once scanned HUlk and stated that Hulk’s strength potential has “no finite element.” The same can be said for Hulk’s durability, endurance, and regeneration. When Hulk is Hulk, Hulk wins, period. Hulk is the personification of strength and rage.
Allies. Hulk was a founding member of both the Avengers and the Defenders. He’s got powerful friends.

Puny Banner. Doctor Bruce Banner is one of Marvel’s smartest scientists, but when Hulk is is physically transformed back into Banner’s physical form, he is physically weak and vulnerable.
Betty. Like Banner, Hulk loves Betty more than anything. If Hulk is pissed at you, the only place to hide is immediately behind Betty Ross Banner.
It’s not easy being green. Hulk’s huge size and green skin make him stand out in a crowd and make him hard to shop for.
Poor Intellect. While it’s true that over the course of his fifty years as a
character, Hulk and Banner have many times found a happy medium where they enjoy both high intellect and the strength and invulnerability afforded by Hulk’s body simultaneously, more often Hulk is the dumbest one there is(Happy Anniversary, Hulk! Please don’t smash us!).

Famous Escapes

Hulk’s origin itself is one of escape: When Bruce Banner sees civilian (Rick Jones) near ground zero of his experimental gamma bomb test site, Bruce saves Rick, but is irradiated by gamma rays himself. He should be killed, but he escapes death by instead being transformed by these rays into The Hulk instead.

When those Marvel Illuminati jerks (Professor Xavier, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Prince Namor, and Reed Richards) tricked Hulk into a rocket bound for some peaceful uninhabited planet. Naturally the trajectory malfunctioned and Hulk was instead transported to the savage planet Sakaar, after having been significantly de-powered. Hulk escaped this fate, rising from being a gladiator slave to the king of the planet. But wait, once he’s finally happy, the Reed Richards-designed rocket he rode in on malfunctions and explodes, killing his new queen and most of the planet. Hulk then finds a way to return to Earth to stage a reconing with the Illuminati in a revenge story that Marvel called World War Hulk.


Rocky orange hide. He was pretty tough to begin with, but when he and his rocket ship passengers were exposed to cosmic rays (in Fantastic Four #1) he gained unearthly strength and durability.
Air Force pilot. Need a guy to fly you someplace? Even outer space? Ben can help.
Cleverer. Unlike Hulk, Ben Grimm keeps his wits, so he can out think “Ol’ Jade Jaws” when they clash.
Personality. Ben is tough when it’s “Clobberin’ Time” but inside he’s a warm-hearted, loveable guy.
Family. While Ben may not have any living blood relatives, he’s been part of the family with the FF for fifty years now.
Contacts. Marvel Two-In-One ran 100 issues and teamed Ben up with practically everyone in the Marvel Universe.

Rocky orange hide. Ben’s huge size and rocky orange hide make him stand out in a crowd and make him hard to shop for.
Loved ones. Want to attack Ben indirectly? Just go after one of the Richards family instead. Don’t have the stuff to make that work? Go after the Yancy Street Gang. They may be clever street urchins, but they’re just human kids.

Famous Escapes
When Ben was possessed and subsequently killed, God Himself brought Ben back in Fantastic Four #511.

Who will take the winners bracket and make their way to the top? The choice is yours!

Hulk vs. The Thing

  • Hulk (85%, 83 Votes)
  • The Thing (15%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 98

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    The Thing doesn’t stand a chance in this one…

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