3D Printing Nerd: Reviewing the Pancakebot

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PANCAKE ROBOT. No joke, you guys. In this video, I review a robot that prints pancakes. Awesome.

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3D Printing Nerd: Don’t Damage Your Nozzle

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3D Printers extrude molten plastic through a nozzle. The nozzle is usually brass, and has an extremely small hole for the molten plastic to extrude from.

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3D Printing Nerd: The Nerd Vlog

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There are times when I have a LOT of content to cover, but, I don’t want to produce a bunch of short videos for the content. This is where the “vlog” comes in. For those that don’t know, a vlog is a Video Blog.

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The Making of Hotel Transylvania 2: Cloth Simulation Software Featurette

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By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher) Not to state the obvious, but making a movie is no easy task. In the case of Hotel Transylvania 2, the visual effects team had to reevaluate their way of thinking and innovate new ways to make animated cloth look realistic while keeping up with the challenges put forth by the […]

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Printing Pokemon to Save Plastic

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One of the common terms used during 3D printing is ‘infill percentage’. This term refers to how solid the model you are printing in. For example, if I say I’m using 15% infill, it means the model is 15% plastic in the middle, and 85% hollow. Most times, people will use 10%-20% infill for their models. What if I told you that wastes plastic and you don’t always have to use infill?

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