Walking in Circles Season 2 Teaser


by Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

You know how I know the world is now run by nerds? Because adventures similar to the ones we’ve had through our own roleplaying careers are continuing to come to life through web series like Walking in Circles. Written by James Rodehaver and directed by Adam Rady, Walking in Circles follows the exploits of Krag, the Barbarian Prince, and his…well, entourage? Pack? Henchmen and henchwomen? Small cadre of ill-prepared, and socially inept, but-not-in-a-malicious-way, ne’er-do-wells? Party? Yeah, for the brevity’s sake, we’ll stick with “party.”

So, Krag and “party” (Garand, the um…Bard, Angie the Druid, Markus the Wizard, and the enigmatic Alex, who I’m pretty sure is a serial-killer) first came to us in season one, released in 2011, featuring 11 episodes. Now, the crew is back and looking to bring us something bigger and better than ever featuring new guest stars, new stunts, special effects, and a host of other enhancements. But don’t worry, if you liked the first season, you’ll love the upcoming season. To whet your appetite, and show you what they have in store, the Walking in Circles team is releasing a Season 2 Teaser Trailer:

The first episode of season two will be airing August 27th of this year at www.wictheseries.com. However, if you’re going to GenCon Indianapolis this year (and why wouldn’t you?), they’ll be premiering all 8 episodes of the new season on Friday, August 16th at 10:00am, free to everyone with a GenCon badge. You can get your GenCon badge by going to www.gencon.com.

If you’re just hearing about this web series now, head to the www.wictheseries.com website and catch all of season one, and sign up to follow the team via Facebook or Twitter, and support a group of gamers who want to bring the feel of a tabletop gaming session to your screens.

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