World Series Game 4: Giants Complete Sweep of the Tigers


By Alex Hall (@AlexKHall)

For the second time in three seasons, the San Francisco Giants sit atop the baseball world as World Series champions. Whether they were at home in San Fran or on the road in the Motor City, the Giants never let their foot off the proverbial pedal and swept the Tigers.

“To be world champions in two out of the last three years, it’s amazing. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get here, and I couldn’t be prouder of a group of guys that were not going to be denied,” San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy told Andrew Keh of The New York Times.

Something or rather, someone who helped getting there a little easier for Bochy’s team was the efforts of infielder Pablo Sandoval. San Francisco’s resident Kung Fu Panda took home the series MVP award for his work at the plate.

Sandoval hit .500 against the Tigers, going 8-16 at the plate with his notable three homers from Game 1 on his stat sheet. Barry Zito’s explanation for his teammate’s success: “The Panda has special powers,” he told Fox Sports.

Even Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made a statement about the Panda’s success, saying “Pablo [Sandoval] going down in history! Long Live Venezuela!” Getting a shout out from you home country’s president, a World Series and MVP trophy; not a bad night to be Sandoval.

The Giants didn’t accomplish this feat on solely the back of him however, as their pitching staff all but neutralized the Tigers’ big hitters all series long. Prince Fielder was held to just one hit in 14 at-bats while Miguel Cabrera had just three.

Thanks to the efforts of starters like Matt Cain and Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum out of the bullpen and Sergio Romo to close things out, the Tigers were helpless at the plate all series.

“There were a lot of beautiful things that happened this season and unfortunately we have to end it with a loss in the World Series,” Fielder told Keh.

So once again, the MLB sees not the Yankees or Red Sox with the World Series trophy; but the San Francisco Giants. While the Bay Area is by no means a small market, their baseball team is not one of the league’s biggest spenders or trade dealers.

No, the Giants have gotten to the top of the mountain in two out of the last three years with homegrown talent on the pitching mound and other teams’ castaways at the plate. Money buys a lot in the sport of baseball, but it doesn’t buy you a World Series trophy.

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